Allergy Information

Our food products may contain traces of the following foods

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This includes celery stalks, leaves, seeds and the root ‘celeriac’. It is one of the ingredients in our Burger sauce and pickles!


Wheat, rye, barley and oats are often found in foods that contain flour—such as the brioche Burger bun and the brioche Lobster Roll. Gluten is also present in our Japanese mayonnaise. Some Desserts may also contain these cereals.


Crabs, lobsters and scampi are all fall into this category. Funnily enough our Lobster contains crustacean…shocker!


Eggs are often found in baked goods, some meat products, and sauces such as mayonnaise among many other foods. At Burger & Lobster, our Salad dressing, Burger sauce and Lobster Roll Japanese mayo contain egg, as does the brioche roll and Burger bun.


You will find this in fish... As well as some sauces— such as Worcestershire sauce and stock cubes. Our Burger sauce contain fish (yes, really!) as we use Worcestershire sauce as a seasoning.

Lupin Flour

Lupin flour and seeds are used in some breads, pastries and pasta. Lupin allergy sufferers you are safe with us! None of our main dishes contain Lupin—though please check with Desserts as they vary regularly.


Butter, cream, yoghurt, cheese and milk power are all ingredients made from milk. Our brioche Lobster Roll and the burger bun both contain milk. Our Salad on the side has milk in the croutons and cheese, and both the plain and lemon and garlic butter which accompany your Lobster also contain milk. Please check regarding Dessert.


Includes mussels (not of the bicep kind), land snails, squid, oysters and whelks. There are no molluscs in any of our dishes!


Liquid, powder or seed form—mustard is found in our Burger sauce, our Lobster Roll Japanese mayo and our Salad dressing.


Different from Peanuts, this refers to nuts which grow on trees, like cashew, almonds and hazelnuts. Many of our Desserts will contain nuts, so please check before ordering.


Peanuts are actually a legume as they grow underground. If you’re being a hero and going for Dessert too, do check before ordering.

Sesame Seeds

These seeds are often found in some breads (or sprinkled onto Burger buns like ours do). Hummus, sesame oil and dried bread can contain sesame seeds.


Soya is a staple ingredient in many oriental foods, Dessert, ice cream, sauces, and both meat and vegetarian products. The Japanese mayo in the Lobster Roll contains Soya.

Sulphur Dioxide

This ingredient is often contained in dried fruits, pickling sauces, soft drinks as well as Wine and Beer. The Japanese mayo in our Lobster Roll contains sulphur dioxide, as do the ingredients in our Burger sauce and salad dressing.