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Whole Lobster, Oysters & Fizz | From £40 | Monday - Friday


Exclusive Menus | Two Course Lunch for $30 | Three Course Dinner for $45



Lobster Tail CNY Dishes | Exclusive Cocktails | Until 29th Jan



From 15 to 17 April, enjoy exclusive Easter tipples alongside a plethora of egg-cellent delights with the Easter Brunch Specials at The Jewel and Easter Brunch Menu at Raffles Hotel.

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We've put all our eggs in one basket this Easter

Make the long weekend count as you feast and dine at Easter Brunch. From 15 to 17 April 2022, enjoy exclusive Easter tipples alongside a plethora of egg-cellent delights with the Easter Brunch Specials at the Jewel and Easter Brunch Menu at Raffles Hotel.

Make it a boozy affair with three perfectly paired Easter tipples including the Chivas 13 Highball ($15++) made with Chivas 13 Rye or Sherry whiskey and Perrier Soda, the Lillet Spritz ($13++) made with either Lillet Blanc or Rose with Prosecco and Tonic water, and the quintessential brunch beverage, Aperol Spritz ($16++), made with Aperol, Prosecco and Soda.


Eggy Lobster Roll Hold.jpeg

Looking to ramp up your Easter feast? Dive straight into the mains at The Jewel with Easter Specials, such as the Eggy Lobster Roll ($28++) made from chunks of succulent lobster meat tossed in a salted egg mayo and loaded in a fluffy toasted brioche roll topped with a fried quail egg and micro-cress garnish. Beetroot Rissoles & Butternut Squash steak ($18++) makes for beautiful vegetarian alternative, made with pan-fried beetroot rissoles and grilled herb-crusted butternut squash and served with yoghurt aioli and a micro-cress salad.

It wouldn’t be easter without chocolate, right? The Chocolate Fondant ($12++) is a dark and fluffy treat that comes with caramel syrup, raspberries, and snow sugar dust. The Egg in Golden Nest ($13++) makes for a stunning treat, made from white chocolate mousse and lemon curd carefully stuffed in a dark chocolate eggshell and glorified in a caramelised golden vermicelli nest with raspberries and snow sugar dust.

At Raffles Hotel, kick-start the hearty mid-morning indulgence with a choice of two starters:  Egg in Nest ($12++) comes as a baked egg in a golden potato nest served with a classic bearnaise sauce and micro-cress salad, while the baked Lobster Quiche ($16++) is served with a bisque hollandaise sauce and micro-cress salad in a golden potato nest.

For mains, the Eggy Lobster Roll ($28++), and Beetroot Rissoles & Butternut Squash steak ($18++) are available at Raffles Hotel as well as the Benedict Burger ($18++), made with black Angus grilled patty on a toasted cornmeal muffin with bearnaise sauce, watercress salad, beef tomato, confit onion jam and aged cheddar, served with a perfectly poached egg and bearnaise sauce atop.

Wrap up the egg-travagant dining affair on a sweet note with the Egg in Golden Nest and Chocolate Fondant, made to pair perfectly with the Easter cocktails. 

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Egg In Nest 2.jpeg
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