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Espresso Martini Recipe

Mix up the perfect winter cocktail at home

The perfect winter cocktail; a sumptuous mix of coffee, vodka and liquor, we think our Espresso Martini recipe is pretty top-notch!

Having being invented in 1980s Soho, London, we simply had to include the Espresso Martini recipe in our collection having a restaurant a stone’s throw away. As the story goes, the drink's inventor, cocktail master Dick Bradsell himself, was apparently faced one evening with an unusual request from a female drinker: I want something that “wakes me up and then [select and insert rude word here] me up.” And so, the Espresso Martini was born. And thank god it was, proudly fuelling many an evening since.

The recipe below works well for a single martini (we all know those moments) as well as multiplying up for a batch recipe. Perfect for impressing your chums and being the host with the most over the Christmas period. If going for a batch-make, simply mix all the ingredients together in a jug with ice, and pour through a strainer or sieve when serving.

Espresso Martini Recipe:

Ingredients (Makes One Martini)
35ml Vodka
15ml Coffee liqueur
40ml Espresso
1tsp Sugar


  1. Add the ice, vodka, liqueur, espresso and sugar to a shaker and shake until the outside feels cold.

  2. Pour into a Coupette glass through a strainer leaving behind all ice residue.

  3. Garnish with 3 coffee beans, if desired.

If your catering for a larger crowd and looking to batch-make, simply times the ingredients by how many martinis you want and mix together in a jug with ice. Pour through a strainer or sieve when serving and voila!