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As currently we cannot welcome you into our restaurants, we have decided to bring our restaurants to you, at home.

In partnership with Goodman, Beast and Zelman Meats, we have launched Prime Feast - a premium meat box that allows you to recreate the Burger and Lobster experience in your very own kitchen.

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Seafood & Beer

Looking to eat local? Introducing our local seafood and beer. Available from 30 March - 12 April.

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Looking for a taste of fresh local seafood and spot-on beers from local breweries? Well, we’ve got you covered. From 30th March - 12 April 2020 Burger & Lobster Raffles will be offering the below menu to give you a taste of what fantastic products we’ve got right on our doorstep.

The below menu stars local breweries as well as our very own B&L Beers: Tri-Tip and Claw. Each of the featured beers has been carefully selected to complement the seafood specials: Mussels, Clams and Prawns. 

Seafood X Beer Menu

Served 30 March - 12 April 2020 at Burger & Lobster Raffles Arcade. 

The below dishes have been specially curated to make the most of the locally sourced fresh clams, mussels and tiger prawns that we have hand-picked from a local seafood farm.

Drunken Tiger Prawns:
Succulent fresh prawns poached in a sweet and savoury herbal broth infused with Chinese wine

Chilli Mussels:
A sweet and spicy sambal chilli sauce generously ladled over fresh mussels and served alongside toasted buttered brioche.

Claw Beer Vongole:
Sweet clams tossed in garlic and served in a light broth flavoured with our very own Burger & Lobster Saison style Claw Beer.

Enjoy the following beers at $2 off when any of the above dishes are ordered.

B&L’s Claw Beer:
A Brut Saison style beer that is refreshing and light with an aroma of garden herbs and lemon zest. Finishes with a crisp bitterness and subtle peppery spice and smooth bitterness.
$18 Pairs well with our Claw Beer Vongole.

B&L’s Tri-Tip Beer:
A Belgian IPA style beer that showcases bold orange and grapefruit notes, intertwined with a fruity yeast character and a smooth bitterness.
$18 Pairs well with our Chilli Mussels.

Hoppy Go Lucky Pale Ale:
A firm malty backbone with a balanced citrus hop profile. Great with food and conversations. A classic knock-backer.
$16 Pairs well with our Drunken Tiger Prawns.

Larger Than Life Pilsner:
Sips cleanly with a crisp and grain-like backbone that complements its subtle floral hoppiness. A modern take on a much-loved classic.

Jam Packed IPA:
Delightfully cracker-like malt base with smooth yet assertive hoppiness. Expect pineapple and mango flavours layered with light resin and a pithy bitterness.

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