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In partnership with Goodman, Beast and Zelman Meats, we have launched Prime Feast - a premium meat box that allows you to recreate the Burger and Lobster experience in your very own kitchen - anywhere in the UK!

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Going sober for October? Well good for you, and out of admiration for you we’d like to invite you to come and have a drink with us. No, that is not the voice of temptation talking but instead the voice of exploration...

It’s easy to feel as though sober months are a form of hibernation. Best to hide away with your glass of cola and your straw and hope that nobody sees you, right?


As far as we’re concerned, it’s the perfect time to be turning tale on your usual drinking habits and finding out what you’ve been missing. At Burger & Lobster, we’re now stocking Royal Flush by Real Kombucha, the drink that most people in the industry are calling the only non-alcoholic alternative to prosecco.

Brewed from First Flush Darjeeling – known in India, quite aptly, as Queen of the Teas – the team at Real Kombucha brew Royal Flush from the finest loose-leaf teas, fermenting them in the same way that a wine brewer might craft a sparkling, celebratory prosecco or champagne. The floral notes combine with a light acidity to create something complex, adult and moreish – a world away from the usual sticky soft drinks that most non-alcoholic nights are waylaid by. 

While Real Kombucha certainly answers the “what to drink on a dry night” question, unfortunately, it can’t help you with our own eternal quandary: burger or lobster? In our opinion, it’s best to have both.

So why not make Sober October a month of Real choice? Take a journey to Burger & Lobster and give your taste buds the chance to explore. You might just end up changing the way you drink.

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