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London Summer Cocktails

Our bar men and ladies are ready to make you our new cocktails to enjoy summer that bit more.

We have been having fun drinking far too many to cocktails to perfect the right serve, flavour combinations, textures and presentation. To be honest they all tasted good after a while :)

Understanding the need to come up with a selection of cocktails that are fresh, fruity, simple yet interesting is the priority for us. We like to think that we have achieved it with this summer’s menu.

We continue our twists on the classics such as the Tropical Daiquiri that has been a huge hit already with its combination of rum, banana, pineapple, jasmine and a healthy dose of Jamaica’s finest Wray & Nephew.

A necessary mainstay on every menu since we opened our doors at Mayfair is a Bellini and this time around we thought best to bring back one of the all-time favourites combining raspberries with sweetened violet liqueur. It’s a perfect balance between fruit, flower and fizz.

The thirst for Gin & Tonics has been crazy and its only right that we do our take on it. When one of our bar managers said lets do a G&T combo with our own tonic syrup there was no turning back. This initially started off at our Threadneedle Street branch then after some tweaks and recipe changes it made it on to all our restaurants menus. The current edition combines grapefruit and rhubarb giving a refreshing alternative to any G&T out there.

When we first started with punches (drinks that is) we were confident people will enjoy it but didn’t quite expect the success that each one had on our menus over the past year.

The Lucky Punch Reloaded, whether single or to share created to transport you, swimming pool side in the Caribbean sun with its tropical flavours and floral notes, light body and of course a heft punch! If you’re lucky enough to enjoy that side of the world anytime soon all you will need to make your experience even more enjoyable is…the recipe.

Other original creations for the summer include the Berried Treasure named after the three berries in the mix (raspberries, açai and juniper), the Sunshine Spritz (passionfruit, strawberry, pink, grapefruit and fizz) and a few others that everyone should sample on your visits. They won’t disappoint.

Non-alcoholic cocktails have been becoming super popular and we have put a lot of focus on our ‘Soft-Shells’ by extending the amount on our menu.

Our soft-shells have also seen some additions for the summer. Back by popular demand is our summer Iced Tea (earl grey, watermelon, lemon) and raspberry lemonade. We had to keep on the Cool Breeze (passionfruit, pineapple, orange, vanilla and more…) and the Mandarin Cooler to avoid protests. The drink that is a must try this summer is the Coconut Groove, simple, fresh and delicious (coconut cream, lemon and soda).

Enjoy your time sipping cocktails at our bar or with your meal!