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Our newest DIY kit is here: the mighty Whole Lobster. Yes that's right, you can now snap up a whole Nova Scotian lobster to cook at home.


Friday nights just got a whole lot fancier.

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We've got a whole lobs-ta news for you. 

Our newest kit has clawed its way into our cook-at-home offering: Whole Lobster kits.

Ready for you to grill or steam from the comfort of your own kitchen, you can snap up a fresh Nova Scotian lobster alongside all the rest over on our DIY shop. Our chefs have prepped the lobsters already to make your crustacean feast as easy as possible. 

We’ve even thrown in a handy guide on ‘How To Eat A Lobster’ and included it in your cook-at-home kit to help you out if it’s your first time venturing into these tasty crustaceans

Along with fresh Nova Scotian lobster, your kit will come with our signature Lemon & Garlic butter so you can dip, pour, smother or douse over for an unforgettable feast. You can even add on a set of lobster crackers and picks, the perfect utensil for cracking into your delicious cooked lobster.

Whole Lobster kits are available to buy for £32, and look, we recommend one kit per person