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The Lobster 

The mighty lobster. The shellier half of our pride and joy. You’ve only got to glance round the room to see that we’re obsessed with our lobsters. And the obsession doesn’t end there. 

The Catch

Since our inception in 2011, we’ve been working with the same trusted fishermen in the ports of southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada. But why Canada, we hear you ask? Well, Canadian lobsters have a bit of a rep as some of the highest quality lobsters in the world due to the strict regulations ensuring the sustainability of lobster fishing in these waters.

Twice a year during lobster fishing season, our fearless fisherman face the ferocious swell of the Atlantic ocean in search of the perfect catch. Risking life and limb, the wild lobsters are caught using hand-strewn lobster pots (much like the ones you’ll see round the restaurant) and returned back to the ports in Nova Scotia.

Check-in Time

We’re all about quality here and how else do we get the lobsters on your plate tasting so lip-smackingly good: the VIP treatment of course! Back in Nova Scotia, the freshly-caught lobsters are weighed, checked and stored in our high-quality holding tanks (think, a spa). Only the best for our lobsters. 

We’re International

It’s all aboard the next flight out of Halifax airport in Canada for the journey across the Atlantic. And you can forget economy-class. After touchdown at London Heathrow, the live lobsters are taken to our holding tanks (essentially, a large sea-like environment) before hitting the M25 across London to each of our restaurants. And that’s how you see them today.

Wild and fresh, from the deep seas of the Atlantic to the beating hearts of our restaurants.


The Burger

A burger without great beef is like a car with no wheels, the UK without bad weather, or us without our lobster. Pointless. We believe in only the highest quality beef which is why our meat comes from Nebraska, USA.

It’s A Family Thing

Our mission to produce the tastiest burger starts with one thing. The farms in Nebraska. We choose to work with family-owned farms who we’ve been rearing cows for generations. They’ve been in the biz a long time and are the best at what they do. Our farmers rear Black Angus, Red Angus and Hereford cows.

Eat It Up

Just like you and I, being fed the right stuff makes for a happy life. Each of our cows is pasture-fed (nothing but good old grass) to begin with. You can thank the grassy plains of Nebraska for that. They’re then moved onto a diet of corn maize to maintain the size and fat content of each cow. We know they’re in good hands; our farmers keep a constant watch on the health of our beautiful bovines. 

Making The Cut

Our burgers have always been made from three cuts of meat: chuck, tri-tip and brisket. These cuts come from the muscly forequarter of the cow as it spends its every day moving its head up and down (repetitive right?) We’ve found that the muscular part of the meat produces the best beefy flavour for our burgers. It’s so good, we only need to season it with salt and pepper these days.

It’s simple with our beef. Our family-farmed cows get the good stuff, and so do you.

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