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Soho Burger & Lobster Restaurant


Here’s what we’re doing to keep you and our staff safe:

Keeping you safe. Keeping us safe. 

Although all of our London restaurants are remaining open, we know you may be feeling nervous. At Burger & Lobster, we are committed to making the safety of our guests and staff the No.1 priority.

To keep you safe, there will be sanitiser stations located around each one of our restaurants. We have also reworked our table setups to ensure that you can safely enjoy your B&L experience at a distance from other diners. We are also adhering and closely following all government guidelines on dining and face-mask wearing. As well as this, we encourage our guests to wear a face-covering when not seated at your table when dining with us. Our team members will also be sporting face-coverings for your comfort and safety.

All of these measures, and those we've also implemented below, ensure that you can enjoy your meal in a safe and sterile environment:

Deep Cleaning
All of our restaurants have been fully deep cleaned and we will be maintaining a thorough cleaning schedule in each restaurant. All surfaces, including door handles and POS screens, are cleaned regularly with disposable cloths and fully sanitised. The floors will be mopped every two hours using disinfectant chemicals.

Table Management
We continue to review our table plans to ensure that safe distancing can be maintained at all times. Staff will also be fully trained on best practices and how to manage guests needs from a safe distance. We will also be operating via our online booking system to prevent our guests from having to queue.

Face Coverings
The B&L Team will be equipped, where necessary, with face coverings. We encourage our guests to wear face coverings when dining with us; they are to be worn whenever not seated at their table.

Hand Sanitiser On Tap
Hand sanitiser will be made available on entry and at every work station for both staff and our guests. We politely ask our guests to make use of this or their own hand sanitiser. 

Table Set-Up
All tables, chairs, plates, crockery, glasses and steel cutlery will be washed and fully sanitised before and after each use.

Your Choice
Finally, the main thing is we want you to feel fully comfortable. And so if you don’t feel like visiting us, that's no problem! You can still get your B&L fix several different ways: We are available on Deliveroo for door-to-door delivery, we will be offering in-store takeaways as well as having launched our DIY Kits - coming with all you need to cook up a storm in the safety of your kitchen.

If you have any questions on the above or want anything clarified, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

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For review the current government guidelines, please head here:

If you have a fever, cough or other symptoms that suggest you might have COVID-19, we please ask you not to visit any of our restaurants. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please stay home and follow the current guidelines.