Black Card

What is it?

Simply put it’s a card, but this little piece of plastic is so much more than that. Entitling its lucky owner to a year’s supply of our burgers, lobsters, rolls and whatever else you can get your jaws around.

Do I need to register my black card?

Before using you'll need to register your card using the form below, it’ll put you to the front of the queue for all Burger & Lobster Black Card Club news and events.

Current users?

We really couldn’t tell you that. But let’s just say you’re amongst the big fish now.

Terms & Conditions

  • On arrival, the diner will need to show their ID card alongside their personal Black Card.
  • Per visit, the owner and a plus-one are entitled to a 3-course meal with accompanying drinks.
  • To include all menus items, minus the Norwegian King Crab and Giant Lobsters. To include only house wine and beer and all soft drinks. No bottles or cocktails included.
  • Each card is limited to 3 visits per month only. Each card is valid for one year only.
  • Prior booking is necessary.
  • Only valid in Burger & Lobster London restaurants Brought to you by Burger & Lobster Restaurant Group Lt, 21 Golden Square, W1F 9JN.

Please direct any questions or queries to

Welcome to the Black Card Club. It's as devastatingly cool as it sounds.

The first rule of the Black Card club? Embrace the power of this small, but mighty card. It represents the thing we all want the most in life. Free Burger & Lobster for a whole year. All we can advise is use it well and embrace the decadence that it comes with.