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Do you have a plant-based option?

Yes, we offer plant-based and vegetarian options across all our locations. For more information on menus, please click here. If you have any specific allergy requirements, we always recommend getting in touch with the restaurant and informing them prior to visiting.

Where do your lobsters come from?

They come live from Nova Scotia, CA.

Do you still accept Gift Coins?

From 1/1/2022 we no longer accept our gift coins in our restaurants. We do have gift vouchers available for purchase as an alternative, click here.

Do you take reservations?

We take reservations in all of our restaurants except for Genting Highlands SkyAvenue. For reservation information, click here to visit the restaurant pages.

What practices do you deem humane for cooking lobster?

We believe our lobster dispatch is the most humane and effective method. Once our live lobsters are removed from their regulated tanks, they are taken to our kitchen and refrigerated at 2°C for a minimum of one hour to put them into a dormant, sleep-like state. This ensures the lobsters feel as little pain as possible before they are dispatched by our highly trained chefs prior to cooking. The method involves a quick insertion directly to the brain, our chefs then efficiently prepare the rest of the lobster ready to be served straightaway to diners.

Do you offer private dining?

Some of our restaurants can host private dining across the globe for your perfect event or experience. Please get in touch with the restaurant team who will be more than happy to assist in organising an exclusive private dining experience, or for general enquiries, click here and fill in the form. We'll get back to you at your earliest convenience.

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