Gaysorn Village Menu

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The Starters

Spicy Crispy Calamari 
Tom Yum flavoured crispy bread crumbed squid rings. 

350 ฿

Lobster Croquettes
Lobster, prawn and mozzarella cheese in a creamy lobster bisque sauce. 

420 ฿

B&L Lobster Tom Yum
A whole steamed Canadian Lobster in spicy Thai style Tom Yum soup. Perfect to share. 

1990 ฿

Grilled Prawns
Served with smoked paprika and a garlic butter sauce. 

690 ฿

Lobster Salad
Quinoa, avocado, kale, fig, cranberry and roasted walnut salad. Tossed in a balsamic dressing and topped with fresh lobster meat and radish. 

1290 ฿

Lobster Mac & Cheese
Lobster and macaroni in a creamy lobster bisque and three cheese sauce. 

420 ฿

Seasonal Oysters
Served clasically with Tabasco, lemon and shallot vinaigrette. Order a half dozen or a dozen.

990 ฿ / 1890 ฿

The Originals

Lobster Roll
Chilled lobster dressed in lemon mayo and topped with fresh chives. Served in a toasted brioche roll with fries and a lemon and garlic butter sauce.  

1500 ฿

Classic Burger
6oz Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, red onions and B&L’s burger sauce. Served with fries. Add cheese for 45 ฿. Add bacon for 60 ฿. Make it spicy for 100 ฿.

750 ฿

Classic Whole Lobster
Whole lobster, served steamed or grilled with fries, salad and a sauce of your choice. 

1900 ฿

Jumbo Lobster
Perfect for group sharing. Ask your server to find out which of our larger sharing lobsters we have available today. Served with fries, salad and sauce.

Market Price

The Combos

Roll Combo
Original lobster roll and original 6oz burger with fries, salad and a lemon and garlic butter sauce.

2100 ฿

B&L Combo For One
Whole lobster and original 6oz burger with fries, salad and a choice of sauce. 

2400 ฿

Combo For Two
Whole lobster, original burger and original lobster roll with any two sides ad our signature lemon and garlic butter. 

3600 ฿

The Alternatives

B&L Thermidor
Whole cooked lobster in herb veloute and mushroom sauce, topped with a cheesy crust. Served with warm toasted garlic bread and salad.

2500 ฿

Chilli Lobster
Steamed lobster served in a hot clay pot smothered with a homemade aromatic chilli sauce with a choice of rice or warm toasted brioche. 

2100 ฿

Avocado Roll
Chilled lobster meat in creamy avocado mayo with sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes. 

990 ฿

Chilli Roll
Juicy prawns and lobster meat dressed in a tasty homemade chilli sauce. 

990 ฿

Lobster Pasta
Linguine pasta tossed in a fresh cherry tomato sauce and lobster bisque. 

Half for 1290 ฿. Whole for 2450 ฿

Smoked BBQ Burger
BBQ-glazed beef patty on a sesame seed brioche bun with BBQ mayo, kale, lettuce, tomato, onion, balsamic onion jam, smoked cheese and bacon. 

790 ฿

Beast Burger
A king-size 10oz beef patty topped with a whole lobster, melted brie cheese, creamy truffle mayo, sliced fennel and Chinese cabbage slaw.  

2900 ฿


Truffle Fries

320 ฿

Sweet Potato Fries

180 ฿


120 ฿

Garlic Bread

120 ฿


100 ฿

Sautéed Mushrooms

190 ฿


Lemon Garlic Butter

50 ฿

Clarified Butter

35 ฿

Thai Seafood Sauce

35 ฿

Chilli Mayo

50 ฿

Truffle Mayo

80 ฿

Cheese Sauce

80 ฿


Chocolate Brownie
Slow baked Belgian chocolate brownie served with salted caramel ice cream with roasted crushed hazelnut topped with chocolate sauce.

320 ฿

Mango Sticky Rice
A fresh traditional Thai classic.

180 ฿

Tres Leches
A soft vanilla sponge soaked in Trio creamy milk sauce topped with cream caramelised hazelnuts and fresh raspberries, delightful.

290 ฿

Ice Cream
Ask for our flavours of the day.

120 ฿ per scoop

B&L Favourites

Eastern Promise
Jasmine infused Vodka, lychee, raspberry, lemon, egg white.

320 ฿

Drakes Gold
Diplomatico white rum, choya umeshu, lime, mint,  apple liqueur, Angostura Bitters.

320 ฿

Home & Away
Solichnaya vodka, passion fruit, ginger, cucumber, chilli, lime. 

320 ฿

The Roaring Twenties
Chivas 12 scotch, matcha green tea powder, apple, lime, mint, honey. 

360 ฿

Over The Moon
Beefeater gin, strawberry, Pimms, cucumber, lemon, fizz.

360 ฿

Yuzu Fizz
Beefeater gin, yuzu, vanilla, benedectine, cream, egg white, lemon, orange bitters, Tonic.

390 ฿

Tahona Society
El Jimador tequila, lemon grass, St Germain  edelflower liqueur, pineapple, lime, lava salt.

390 ฿

Thia Affairs
Even William bourbon, Campari, honey green tea,  mint, Kaffir lime leaf, lemon, chocolate bitters.

360 ฿

Compass Box
B&L rum blend, almond, pineapple, orange,  coconut, orange conserve, lime, Maraschino.

390 ฿

Bartender Favourites

B&L Mai Tai
B&L rum blend, orgeat, orange juice, pineapple, lime, orange liqueur.

320 ฿

Cupid Kiss
Vodka, rose, egg white, grenadine, lemon, cucumber.

320 ฿

Pinky Creamy
Jack Daniel’s whiskey, egg white, rose syrup, grenadine, lime, anise.

320 ฿

Purple Haze
Rum, lime, elderflower, crème de classic, Triple Sec.

320 ฿

Barrel House

American White Oak Aged Cocktail
Subject to availability.

420 ฿

Gin, Vermouth rosso, Fernet Branca, Sherry finish.

420 ฿

Classic Cocktails

A wide range of classic cocktails are available, ask for your favourite!

Champagne & Sparkling

Prosecco D.O.C
Trevisco, extra dry (Prosecco silver)

360 ฿ / 1900 ฿

Champagne Lombard Brut
Epernay, France

4000 ฿

Champagne Moët et Chandon Brut Imperial 
Epernay, France

6500 ฿

Champagne Moët et Chandon Rose
Epernay, France

7000 ฿

B&L Aperitifs & Sangria

B&L Mango Lime Bellini
Mango pure, lime juice, prosecco.


B&L Mango Sangria
Vodka, peach, lime, mango, sangria. 

340 ฿

B&L Sangria
Red wine, midori melon, Cointreau, sugar, fruit.

350 ฿

Classic Aperitifs
Aperol Spritz, Campari Spritz, Martini, Negroni and many others are also available. Ask for your favourite classic!

300 ฿

White Wine

Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc
Slent, Paarl, South Africa 2015.

290 ฿ / 1350 ฿

Pinot Grigio
Canlungo IGT, Eugenio Collavini, Friuli, Italy 2015.

370 ฿ / 1750 ฿

Sauvignon Blanc
Blancfumat DOC, Eugenio Collavini, Italy 2015.

430 ฿ / 1990 ฿

Greco Di Tufo IGP Organic
San Salvatore, Paestum, Campania, Italy 2015.

470 ฿ / 2200 ฿

Chardonnay Napa Valley
Ca Momi, California, USA 2014.

2950 ฿

Red Wine

Pinotage Shiraz
Slent, Paarl, South Africa 2015.

290 ฿ /1350 ฿

Cabernet Sauvignon 
Genesis, Central Valley Region, Chile 2015.

340 ฿ / 1650 ฿

Diggings Estate, South Eastern Australia 2014.

390 ฿ / 1850 ฿

Pinot Noir
La Cellier du Pic, Languedoc Roussillon, France 2014.

460 ฿ / 2100 ฿

Marques Ulia Crianza
Hard Rioja Alta, Spain 2011.

2500 ฿ 


Cerasuolo Dop
Tenuta Ulisse, Abruzzo, Italy 2014.

460 ฿ / 2100 ฿


Singha Lager
5%, 250ml / 500ml, Thailand.

150 ฿ / 260 ฿

Thai Craft

Island Hopper
5%, 330ml bottle.

310 ฿

Peak A Brew
6%, 330ml bottle.

310 ฿

Mr Galactic Porter
6%, 330ml bottle.

330 ฿ 

Rest Of The World

1664 Blanc Kronenburg
5%, 330ml bottle, France.

290 ฿

Little Creature Pale Ale
5.2%, 330ml bottle, Australia. 

290 ฿

Brewdog Punk IPA
5.6%, 330ml bottle, Scotland UK.

290 ฿

8.5%, 330ml bottle, Belgium.

310 ฿

Aspall Premium English Apple Cider
7%, 500ml bottle, Suffolk UK.

360 ฿