Let's Do Better Together

Burger & Lobster's sustainability commitment.

Doing the right thing for our people, our customers, our partners and the environment has always been at the heart of the Burger & Lobster ethos.

From sustainable sourcing of ingredients, to the long-term relationships with our fishing and farming partners, to the way we manage energy use.

Sustainability for us is about helping to find the balance between progress and conservation. As a business, we're serious about it and we know our customers expect us to be too, so we're holding ourselves to account for the steps that we're taking to be more sustainable and we're going to talk about the progress we make and the challenges we encounter along the way. 

We believe that it's only by taking a total approach, thinking about every aspect of our business, that we can make a meaningful difference. Our Let's Do Better Together strategy is designed to reflect this.

We probably won't get everything right at the first attempt, be we'll be open about that. If we don't hit a target, we'll communicate that and how we're going to get there; and when we do hit our targets, we'll set ourselves more and more ambitious ones to hit. 

In the coming months, we'll share how we manage and maintain our relationship with our fishing and farming partners in Nova Scotia, America and the UK, and show how our approach is considering every aspect of our business on our mission to become a truly sustainable business. 

We will keep you up to date with our Let's Do Better Together strategy with regular website updates.

Our Let's Do Better Together strategy focusses on three pillars:

Waste Reduction

We’re reducing the amount of single use items we use like straws, plastic bottles and sauce sachets.

We’re cutting down on plastic packaging, working with our suppliers to find more sustainable solutions.

And we’re making sure that if things can’t be used again, then they’re definitely biodegradable.

Energy Conservation

We're analysing every element of our energy consumption in our restaurants, from lighting to cookers, to fridges and air conditioning, to make sure that we're conserving energy and saving CO2 without compromising your dining experience.

We've created switch on/switch off schedules for all of our appliances to make sure that we're using them as efficiently as possible.

And we're investing in energy efficient appliances to reduce our carbon footprint even more.

Waste Management 

We’re working hard to separate the waste we have to make sure it gets disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

We’re measuring and analysing the amount of waste we create and working with our waste management partners to ensure our waste doesn’t go to landfill is rand is managed responsibly.

And we’re training our teams to become more aware of the waste we create as a business.