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In partnership with Goodman, Beast and Zelman Meats, we have launched Prime Feast - a premium meat box that allows you to recreate the Burger and Lobster experience in your very own kitchen - anywhere in the UK!

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Without a doubt, our most popular drink. This take on the iconic Pornstar Martini has become somewhat of a Burger & Lobster legend.

The Lobstar Martini adds in rose and pineapple and plays down the passionfruit for an eclectic yet sophisticated take on the new-classic. Yes, our infamous Lobstar Martini is as delicious as the original, if not more.

Making it simple to mix together a couple of martinis at home or even to batch make for a larger crowd, this is one recipe guaranteed to take any night from zero to hero in an instant.

Lobstar Martini Recipe

Ingredients (Makes One Martini)
35ml Vodka
20ml Pineapple juice
10ml Passionfruit syrup
5ml Grenadine
15ml Lime juice
25ml Prosecco, to serve
Dried citrus slice


  1. Add the ice, vodka, liqueur, juices, grenadine and syrup to a shaker and shake until the outside feels cold.

  2. Pour into a Coupette glass through a strainer leaving behind all ice residue.

  3. Serve with Prosecco in a shot glass and dried citrus slice, if desired.