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Chef's Tasting Menu

Enjoy a taste of the very best of land and sea with our specially-curated five-course tasting menu. Available exclusively every evening from 5pm at Burger & Lobster Flatiron and Bryant Park.

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When it's THAT good, you need a taste of it all.

It's all too common when enjoying a meal at Burger & Lobster to experience something we're all too familiar with: food envy. Our masterful chefs have come up with a verrrrry tasty solution. 

Introducing a taste of the very best of land and sea with our specially-curated five course tasting menu showcasing the best bits of what we've got to offer. So whether you're a seasoned lobster loved or a first time diver into the world of B&L, let these five courses take you on a taste adventure. 



Start your journey with a mouthful of absolute luxury with the first course: Oyster & Caviar. Two freshly shucked oysters served on a bed of ice are topped with a tangy lemon créme fraiche and the world's finest Ossetra Caviar.

The Burrata second course brings a locally sourced Burrata from Murray’s cheeses served with a creamy tomato sauce, a crisp bread and garnish with balsamic and fresh cut basil. Because who doesn't love Burrata, darling. 

Enter the lobster. It wouldn't be a B&L tasting menu without showing off our freshly-caught wild lobster. The third course is a delicious Lobster Bisque, a creamy lobster bisque served with lobster morsels and chives.

It's all down to you for the fourth course. Choose one of the following to feast on from our Whole Lobster, served grilled or steamed, with a clarified or lemon and garlic butter sauce, or a decadent burger from our prime burger section: the Dry-Aged Burger, features a dry-aged beef patty from top-notch beef supplier La Freida and is topped with a tangy, creamy 'Over the Moon' blue cheese from Murray's Cheeses, sweet caramelised onions and earthy roasted garlic mayo, or the Wagyu Burger made with a rich and juicy Wagyu patty from the pioneers of American Wagyu beef and topped with marinated crumbly feta from the Meredith Dairy and piquant red onions. All served with knock-out B&L fries and house salad.

If that wasn't enough, finish strong with something sweet with four sweeter-than-life desserts to choose from: Vanilla Créme Brûlée, Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse or Gelato. Because you're not quite sweet enough.

The Chef's Tasting Menu is available every evening from 5pm at both Bryant Park and Flatiron.