Lobster Pairings: The Best Wines, Beers, Spirits, Champagne and Cocktails to Enjoy with Lobster!

From catching to delivery, kitchen to table, the lobster at Burger & Lobster is truly spectacular. After all, it is half of the namesake. 

People often associate a perfect drink pairing with a fantastic cut of steak. Always accompanied by a delightful, full-bodied red such as a Merlot or juicy Pinot Noir. However, a lobster pairing is just as impressive.

The Burger & Lobster menu is filled with plenty of delicious lobster dishes. From the Lobster Pasta to the iconic Lobster Roll, and even our crunchy and crisp Lobster Croquettes, we have a variety of fantastic drink choices. We’ve got plenty of zesty and uplifting cocktails, spectacular wine choices and lots of softs and house favourites.

Lobster wine pairing

Wine is always a fan favourite. Whether you’re enjoying an evening meal or a cheeky one at brunch or lunch, wine always washes down a treat. Because of the lobster's delicate and tender bite, you’ll need a light and fresh wine to really allow the seafood to shine. 

Directly from our menu, you’ll notice several zesty and refreshing whites. Our Stormy Cape Chenin Blanc hails from the Western Cape of South Africa and has perfectly balanced notes of passion fruit, green apple and lemon, helping to highlight the fresh flavours of the lobster

For something equally citrussy, our Yealands Estate Sauvignon Blanc is made of a profound floral bouquet with delightful citrus notes that perfectly balance against the delicate lobster. 

Our Gavi Di Gavi is another fantastic pairing for lobster. With hints of apple, lemon and melon, a crisp sip of this paired with a mouthful of our iconic Lobster Roll is an ideal lobster pairing. 

As for sparkling and Champagne, our Taittinger Brut Reserve is the perfect partner to cheers to a special occasion (or just an indulgent lunch). Better yet, for a simple lemon and lime tang, try the Via Vai Prosecco for a spectacular, sparkling lobster pairing. 

And for the creme de la creme: Taittinger Comtes De Champagne Blanc De Blancs. Renowned as the purest Champagne with a buttery complexity that will melt in your mouth alongside delicious lobster.

Lobster and sauce on a plate
Burger and lobster cocktail
Lobster claws

Lobster and cocktails

Of course, a wine and lobster pairing sounds right, but what sounds even better? A cocktail and lobster pairing. The Burger & Lobster cocktails are heavenly and varied, providing something smokey and rich, or perhaps something crisp and sweet, depending on your mood. 

The Burger and Lobster signatures include the iconic Lobstar Martini - made with Prosecco, lime, lemon, passion fruit Grenadine and vanilla. If you’re craving something zesty and refreshing, the classic Mojito will never disappoint. 

And for a seasonal tipple for your lobster pairing, try our Jasmine Punch, made with Aperol, pineapple and lime. Our Solstace Smash adds a touch of smoke to an otherwise subtle flavour profile, and the Cloud of Lychee is perfectly balanced and elegant for the delicate lobster pairing. 

However, if true elegance is what you’re looking for, a sweet and gentle partner to your lobster: the Elderflower Spritz is absolutely sublime and perfect for a sunny day where fresh herbs and fresh lobster are a must!

Beer and Lobster

If beer is more your style, our 1936 Lager is a cracking choice. Or perhaps an IPA? Our Indian Shepheard IPA is a fantastic choice to wash down the iconic Burger and Lobster Lobster Roll. 

Our other beers include 0% Peroni Lager, Whitstable Bay Pale Ale and a delightful Singha Lager. 

Lobster with spirits

For an alternate lobster pairing, spirits are a great pairing. A classic gin and tonic can be an excellent match for lobster, particularly if the dish has a citrusy or herbal element. The botanicals in gin can echo the herbs used in the dish and really set your taste buds alive. To enhance the pairing, choose a high-quality tonic water that isn't overly sweet. Such as a delicious Mediterranean Tonic Water or Q Tonic Water that will provide a crisp and balanced partner to your juicy lobster. The Burger & Lobster menu has plenty of incredible spirits to play with for your perfect lobster pairing. 

If Vodka is more your thing, we’ve got plenty of that too. Vodka's clean and neutral profile allows it to complement the subtle flavours of lobster without overpowering them. And perhaps with a twist of lemon, this can truly be a truly elegant choice. 

Now for rum. When it comes to rum, a lighter and more delicate style works best with lobster. A rum cocktail like a Daiquiri, made with white rum, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup, can provide the perfect balance.

Lobster at Burger & Lobster

At Burger & Lobster, we do more than just two things well. However, what we really love to shout about is our exceptional lobster. From our Combos to the iconic Lobster Roll, we have a menu full of incredible dishes. 

To begin, have a crack at our Lobster Croquettes. Perfectly crispy and incredibly crunchy, paired with a delicious Grana Padano and a chilled white wine if you fancy it. Next, the Lobster & Prawn Cocktail - a twist on the classic but still just as mouth-watering. 

If you want to savour the classics, the Lobster Roll is a must-have when you visit. An icon of London with delicious lemon mayo, fresh chives and a perfectly citrusy lemon and garlic butter. A real must-try when visiting us. Some of our new menu additions include a fantastic Lobster Pasta, served with half a lobster, clams, mussels and squid in a tasty white wine sauce. 

If your tastebuds prefer something with a little crunch, try our Lobster Caesar Salad, with Cos lettuce, Caesar dressing, crunchy croutons, Grana Padano and half a lobster. And of course, if you’re feeling the whole experience: it calls for the Whole Lobster. Served steamed or grilled with crispy fries, salad and a sauce of your choice. 

Remember to pair your lobster with the perfect drink for you: be it a tall glass of wine, a zesty cocktail, or spirits. Your experience at Burger & Lobster will certainly have you back again, where you can tick something else off your food bucket list.