Oyster Pairings: The Best Wines, Beers, Spirits, Champagne and Cocktails to Enjoy with Oysters!

Oysters are one of life’s most flavorful joys. A symbol of luxury and refinement and a menu staple of the finest restaurants.

While they are enjoyed by many, you may not know about the best oyster pairings. At Burger & Lobster, we want to provide only the finest oyster experience, and that includes finding the best oyster drink pairings. Below we’re going to cover the best oyster pairings to ensure whatever your favourite tipple is, goes wonderfully with delicious, fresh oysters. 

Beer and wine pairings

When you think of oysters, your mind might not immediately jump to a frothy pint of beer. But don't be too quick to dismiss this surprisingly harmonious coupling. Beer has a vast array of styles and flavours and can be a fantastic companion to the briny flavours of the sea. Choose a lighter brew such as a crisp pale ale, a refreshing lager, or a subtly complex wheat beer for a delightful duo. These styles, with their unassuming character, do an exceptional job of accentuating the oyster's natural sweetness, while their effervescence lifts and balances the oyster's sea-salty edge. The partnership of oysters and beer is not about one flavour overpowering the other; it's about balance and harmony. So next time you find yourself at Burger & Lobster, perhaps switch up your usual Chablis or champagne for a pint? 

Oysters in London
Rock Oysters

Pearls and pours

Now, moving on to the best wine to pair with oysters. The lively acidity and mineral notes present in white wines, specifically in Chablis or Sancerre, provide a beautiful counterpoint to the saline flavours of the oysters. Each sip of wine acts as a delightful counterbalance, taming the saline notes, while revealing the oyster's more understated flavours. This delightful contrast enhances the creaminess of the oyster, cleansing the palate, and leaves you yearning for the next delectable mouthful. The oyster-wine duo is a prime example of the saying "opposites attract," uniting to offer a taste experience that is both refreshing and fulfilling.

Spirits and Oysters

Though not conventional, the partnership of oysters and spirits can lead to surprisingly delightful revelations. Consider a neat pour of a well-crafted vodka. Its crystal-clear purity and piercing coldness can act as a striking contrast. Alternatively, a smoky mezcal offers layers of complexity and can add an unexpected twist, enhancing the oyster’s subtle flavours.  However, be mindful with your pour - spirits are potent, and their robust flavours could easily overshadow the delicate nature of the oyster if overdone. For a truly subtle and delicate flavour pairing, consider a dry gin with a neutral tonic and perhaps a simple slice of lemon for a delicate and flavourful pairing that doesn’t overpower the briny oysters. 

Mixing it up

Who could forget the Burger & Lobster cocktails? Perhaps not a classic pairing, but certainly a delicious one. The refreshing fruity zest of a cocktail may not balance your oyster mouthful, but it certainly adds a unique kick. The Amalfi Coast for example, is a lighter cocktail, combining Beefeater Gin, Grapefruit Juice, Agave Syrup, Bergamot and 1936 Lager for a slightly fizzy yet subtle combination, balanced by zesty grapefruit. A similar and delightful pair is the Sanguine Spritz, made with Beefeater Gin, Blood Orange, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Campari and Prosecco. Another classic the the delicate Lobster Martini. Made with Sapling Vodka, Passoa, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Grenadine, Vanilla, Passion Fruit and Prosecco, creating a slightly creamy, delicately fruity and delicious partner to the briny oysters. 

Oysters and champagne 

The vigorous fizz and sharp acidity of bubbly, whether it's an exclusive Blanc de Blancs or a charming rosé champagne, marry perfectly with the rich, sea-salty flavours of the oysters.

These bubbles don't just add a celebratory flair to the experience; they also cleanse the palate. This ensures that each oyster savoured offers a fresh burst of flavour, almost as if it were the first. The complexity of champagne also enhances the oysters' subtleties in delightful and surprising ways. This harmonious coupling of bubbles and oysters truly exemplifies the art of food and drink pairing, transforming any occasion into an extraordinary culinary celebration - especially at Burger & Lobster. 

Oysters at Burger & Lobster

Oysters at Burger & Lobster truly is the most spectacular way to end your trip to London. Whether you’ve enjoyed some shopping, a wander around, or you’re visiting for a theatre show or special occasion - the perfect partner is of course oysters (and the fantastic new oyster pairing waiting to be tired). 

Across London, you’ll find nine fabulous locations ready and waiting to provide the most spectacular oyster experience for you. Whether it’s a Champagne and bubbles occasion, a delicious cold beer, or perhaps a fruity cocktail oyster pairing, you’ll find it on your visit to Burger & Lobster… As well as plenty of other incredible menu choices. Next time you’re craving a delicious oyster pairing, head to your nearest Burger & Lobster restaurant in Knightsbridge, Bond Street, Mayfair, Soho, Oxford Circus, Bread Street, Leicester Square, Threadneedle street and West India Quay.