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Restaurant near Garment District

New York is famous for plenty of well known sights and districts. The Empire State, Fifth Avenue and Lady Liberty herself. But what about the Garment District?

Nestled between Fifth and Ninth Avenues, the Garment District hums with the energy of designers, manufacturers, and fashionistas. Skyscrapers clad in glass and steel house bustling showrooms and ateliers, where the latest trends are dreamed up and stitched into reality. 

Not too far away, you’ll also find one of the best restaurants near the Garment District in NYC, the fabulous Burger & Lobster, a restaurant that's as bold and unique as the district itself. This British import doesn't mess around and embraces a fun, relaxed vibe where cracking claws and getting messy is absolutely encouraged.

Plenty to do at the Garment District

The Garment District wears many hats. Primarily, it's the epicentre of American fashion, home to design houses, showrooms, and manufacturers pumping out the latest trends. History buffs and fashion history lovers can delve into the evolution of the area, from its notorious 19th-century past as the Tenderloin to its modern-day status as a global fashion force in New York. Beyond fashion, the district offers a surprising diversity and a buzz you simply cannot shake within New York. Foodies can discover the many tempting Garment District restaurants in the area and as you amble around the area, the streetscape itself presents a fascinating blend of architectural styles, with Art Deco gems standing alongside modern high-rises.

Enjoy a guided tour around the area, browse the various historical markers and marvel at the variety of architecture that decorates the trendy area. Once you’re done with being on your feet, take the short walk to one of the nearest restaurants to the Garment District, Burger & Lobster. 

Burger on a plate with fries
Lobster on a plate with fries, sauce and wine
Burger and lobster combo meal with burger, fries and lobster
chicken burger

Where is the Garment District?

The Garment District sits conveniently in Midtown Manhattan, roughly between Fifth and Ninth Avenues, spanning from 34th to 42nd Streets. This prime location puts it within walking distance of several iconic landmarks and vibrant neighbourhoods.

Just north of the Garment District, nestled between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, lies charming Bryant Park. This public park offers a welcome respite from the urban bustle, hosting events, a selection of cafes, and the famous New York Public Library. A stone's throw further north, at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue, resides the iconic Flatiron Building, a triangular masterpiece of early 20th-century architecture. Not too far from the Garment District at all. Luckily, these are also where the nearest Burger & lobster restaurants sit. The closest Burger & Lobster restaurant to the Garment District can be found at Bryant Park, 132 W 43rd St, New York, just a 10 minute walk away. The next closest is 17 West 26th Street, near Chelsea Market. While not directly in the Garment District itself, it's easily accessible by foot. From the heart of the Garment District, say around 39th Street and Seventh Avenue, the walk to Burger & Lobster takes approximately 20-25 minutes, covering just under 1.5 miles. You'll pass through the lively Koreatown along the way, with inviting smells and sounds to truly get you excited for the meal to come. 

The best place to eat near the Garment District

One of the best places to eat near the Garment District is Burger & Lobster, a London-born surf and turf heaven that prides itself on its namesakes and a whole lot more to deliver a delicious and varied menu. A top choice is always the iconic Lobster Roll, featuring succulent lobster meat tossed in butter and nestled in a toasted brioche roll with some perfectly crispy fries. Craving something richer? Go for the classic whole lobster, steamed or grilled to perfection and served with your choice of sauce. This is a true menu favourite and the perfect choice for a Burger & Lobster novice. 

If you’re craving lobster but looking to step away from the usual classics, the B&L Crab Bites offer a satisfying explosion of flavour, filled with lobster, crab, and shrimp tossed in panko and fried, accompanied by delightful chive aioli! The other side of the Burger & Lobster coin is of course delicious burgers. The Original Burger is a favourite choice and a masterpiece of simplicity, featuring a juicy patty stacked with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. A favourite for a reason for sure. But if you're seeking pure indulgence, the Wagyu Burger is certainly not one to pass up. Imagine a melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef patty infused with black garlic and beef aioli, topped with horseradish and crispy onion for a delightful textural contrast. Your mouth is watering at the thought, isn’t it? There’s plenty more on the menu to salivate at, especially if you love seafood. The Seafood Tower features six oysters, six mussels, six jumbo prawns, and serrano aguachile. Served with mignonette, cocktail sauce, horseradish, tabasco and yuzu sauce. The perfect intro to your Burger & Lobster journey. 

Alongside your food, you’re going to want to wash everything down with something equally delicious. The Burger & Lobster bar can accommodate your favourite tipple with no problem, with a huge selection of spirits and mixers satisfying any craving. Alternatively, the menu includes a selection of house beers like Bluemoon, Stella and a refreshing Brooklyn IPA. If wine is more your preference, you’ll find Californian Chardonnay, Washington Riesling, Merlot from Bourdeaux and plenty more. As well as some fruity and tempting cocktails like the light Hibiscus Sunset and the tasty Purple Rain. 

Next time you’re in and around the Garment District, head to one of the best Garment District restaurants and enjoy some quality surf and turf with a zesty cocktail in hand! Book a table to ensure you secure your spot for lunch, dinner or cocktails!