Restaurant near Rockerfeller Center

Whether you're in New York City for business or pleasure, visiting the Rockefeller Centre is almost always part of the itinerary.

Coupled with lots of walking and sightseeing, your tourist excursion can work up an appetite. You’ll find plenty of restaurants near Rockefeller Centre, however none more iconic than Burger & Lobster. Originally a London staple, now proudly an icon of New York, Burger & Lobster Bryant Park is one of the best restaurants near Rockefeller Centre in NYC. 

What is the Rockefeller Center?

The Rockefeller Centre is much more than just a landmark in the heart of New York City; it's an embodiment of human ambition and artistic creativity. A city within a city, this monumental complex was the brainchild of John D. Rockefeller Jr., the only son of America's first billionaire.

Conceived during the Roaring Twenties and built amid the Great Depression, the Rockefeller Centre has been hailed as a beacon of optimism and determination. It's a masterpiece of urban planning, designed with a vision of uniting business and art. Covering an expansive 22 acres, the Rockefeller Centre is a labyrinth of 19 commercial buildings, with each one more impressive than the last. Architecturally, the complex is a tribute to the Art Deco design, a popular movement in the 1920s and 1930s. It displays symmetry, rich colour schemes, and ornate details, echoing the progress, luxury, and order of the era. Despite its imposing size, it's the finer details that make the Rockefeller Centre stand out. With over 200 unique bas-relief sculptures, it's a real-life, open-air art museum. These sculptures, along with murals, mosaics and other artistic elements, seamlessly blend with the buildings, telling stories of mankind, science, industry, and more.

An iconic feature of the centre of the Rockefeller Centre is the Prometheus statue, a gilded bronze sculpture set against the backdrop of the lower plaza. The statue is a depiction of the ancient Greek titan Prometheus, known for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humanity. It serves as a symbol of mankind's indomitable spirit, a testament to human progress. Opposite Prometheus, the towering Atlas statue holds the heavens on his shoulders, reminding us of the weight and consequences of our actions and acting as a strong metaphor for human experience. 

Where is the Rockefeller Center?

Nestled right in the very heart of Midtown Manhattan is the iconic Rockefeller Centre. This awe-inspiring architectural marvel stretches itself from 48th to 51st Streets and straddles between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Being located in Midtown Manhattan means that the Rockefeller Centre is conveniently accessible from just about anywhere in New York City. 

Whether you're a local taking the underground or a tourist travelling by taxi, getting to the Rockefeller Centre is incredibly easy. For those who prefer the underground, your stop would be 47-50 Streets - Rockefeller Center Station, accessible by the B, D, F, and M lines.
As you emerge from the underground, you'll find yourself standing at the doorstep of the Rockefeller Centre. From here, your journey through this bustling hub of business, media, and entertainment begins! 

Once you’ve had your fill of New York City culture and tourism, it’s time to fill up on something a little more delicious at nearby Burger & Lobster! Burger & Lobster Bryant Park is one of the best restaurants near Rockefeller Center at just a 12 minute walk away. 

Plenty to do at Rockefeller Center

Start your Rockefeller journey with a trip to the Top of the Rock. This famous observation deck is located on the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Centre and offers stunning 360-degree views of New York City. As you stand high above the bustling city, drinking in the incredible vistas of Central Park, the Empire State Building, and the surrounding skyline, you'll truly appreciate the Big Apple in all its glory. While at the Top of the Rock, why not also visit the Radiance Wall and the Joie Chandelier? These stunning pieces of art, featuring over 3 million crystals will certainly captivate you. 

Once back on the ground, make a pit stop at the iconic Rockefeller Plaza. This is the centre’s beating heart, pulsating with energy all year round. Winter sees the plaza transformed into a magical ice-skating rink, while the summer months welcome a gorgeous outdoor dining experience. And let’s not forget the legendary Christmas tree, which lights up the plaza during the holiday season, attracting visitors from near and far! What’s more. if you're an art enthusiast, the Rockefeller Centre won't disappoint. The complex is home to a myriad of sculptures, murals, and mosaics, each narrating a fascinating story. The grandiose Prometheus statue and the powerful Atlas sculpture are just the tip of the iceberg. Spend a  few hours exploring the artistic treasures scattered throughout the centre and you'll be amazed by the wealth of creativity on display.

For those of you who are fans of television and media, a tour of the NBC Studios is a must. Go behind the scenes of your favourite TV shows, step into the shoes of your beloved TV personalities, and even have a go at creating your own television moment. You never know, you might even bump into a celebrity or two! Afterwards, it’s time to head to one of the restaurants near Rockefeller Centre NYC for a bite to eat and an excuse to rest your feet.

Restaurants near Rockefeller Center

Your visit to Burger & Lobster will be a worthwhile excuse to rest your feet, remark of the exciting things you’ve seen, and get stuck into some truly delicious dishes. On the menu, you’ll find some menu classics, such as the Lobster Roll. Made with delicious fresh lobster dressed in Japanese mayo and lemon and served in our signature toasted brioche roll with fries or salad. This is a hit with everyone. If you’d prefer more lobster, the Classic Whole Lobster is served grilled or steamed and served alongside clarified or lemon garlic butter sauce with fries and salad. Another B&L classic is the Original Burger, made with Nebraskan beef patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and B&L’s burger sauce with fries or salad. 

The other B&L stars of the show include the delightful Beast Burger which combines a delicious beef patty with succulent lobster meat. The Wagyu Burger is another mouthwatering treat that you won’t need a knife and fork to conquer! Just your bare hands wrapped around a delightful Wagyu beef patty with black garlic and beef aioli, horseradish, crispy onion and Boston lettuce. Served with fries or salad. Should you prefer to use some cutlery, however, perhaps you’d prefer the flavourful Lobster Pasta or one of the Burger & Lobster combos! 

You’ll also find an abundance of delicious desserts and delicious drinks on the menu. From house beers like Stella or Brooklyn IPA to a selection of wine and plenty of delicious signature cocktails, such as the B&L Punch: Havana Rum, Passoa, Wray & Nephew, Mango Puree, Orange Juice, Passion Fruit Juice and Grenadine. Purple Rain, made with Calamity Gin, Hibiscus Syrup, Lemon Juice, Egg White and Prosecco, and the aptly named Henny From The Block, made with Hennessy, Passion Fruit Juice, Lemon Juice and Agave Juice.

Next time you’re looking for a restaurant near Rockefeller Centre, take the short walk to Burger & Lobster and sink your teeth into something sensational. 

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