Restaurant Near Victoria Station London

A key railway station in London, if you’re travelling in and around Westminster then you’ll more than likely pass through Victoria Station at some point.

Whether you’re commuting to and from work, having a day out in the city or meeting friends and family for a catch up, we all know at some point food will be involved so don’t settle for a quick dash for the bog standard meal deal but instead, visit one of several Burger & Lobster restaurants near Victoria Station and make a day out of it.

Plenty To Do At Victoria Station

As a major transport hub in the city, Victoria Station transports visitors to and from destinations including Ashford International, Brighton, Dover and Southampton. It also conveniently runs The Gatwick Express train to Gatwick Airport. The station is home to Victoria Underground Station which is on the District, Circle and Victoria lines leaving endless possibilities for things to do and places to visit around the city.

London’s second busiest railway station with around 1.5 million people passing through each week and named after Victoria Street, Victoria Station is in close proximity to several leading tourist attractions such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and St James' Park.

Where Is Victoria Station?

In the borough of Westminster you’ll find Victoria coach station which is about 600 metres down Buckingham Palace Road, behind the train station. It might also be handy to know that your Burger & Lobster fix is just minutes away too.

Our closest restaurant is Burger and Lobster Oxford Circus just 7 minutes away on the tube. Burger & Lobster Mayfair is a 20 minute stroll from Victoria Station or simply 6 minutes on the tube via Green Park. A couple of minutes further is Burger & Lobster Knightsbridge - by foot 21 minutes and on the tube 18 minutes via Piccadilly and then District Line towards Upminster.

The Best Place To Eat Near Victoria Station

When you hear Burger & Lobster remember the ampersand and don’t panic thinking you need to choose between the two. Whilst we will take you though some of the finest Lobster options and the best burgers on our menu we also have our combos which we think is a fitting place to start. Our combos combine land and sea preventing any tough decisions to ensure you get the full Burger & Lobster experience.

Our menu features the finest wild, live-caught lobster and the juiciest Nebraska beef on the block to bring you lavish lobster dishes and the best burgers.

If it’s a burger you’d like to sink your claws into then consider our Original Burger which is a juicy 8oz Nebraskan beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato pickles, onions as well as our secret burger sauce or, if you are feeling adventurous then we have plenty of exciting burgers on the menu such as the B&L Beast Burger but also keep your eyes peeled for our Katsu and Wagyu Burgers. There’s a vegan burger option, the No Bull Burger, which is packed with vegan friendly ingredients.

Now, for the lobster lovers you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of clawsome dishes just for you. From the classic whole lobster dish, which is cooked grilled or steamed and served with clarified butter or lemon and garlic butter and comes with chips and salad, to one (or more!) of our famous lobster rolls we’ve got you covered and trust us when we say this is only the beginning.

Liking the look of Oxford Circus?