Burger and Lobster Bryant Park

Restaurant near Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is the beating heart of Greenwich Village and pulsates with energy. 

From street performers and chess games to charming historical landmarks and leafy escapes, it's a microcosm of everything New York City offers. But one of the best things to do near Washington Square Park is a trip to some of the nearby restaurants. 

Enter Burger & Lobster, a foodie haven for those seeking a satisfying lunch or dinner just steps away from Washington Square Park's iconic arch. Born and bred in London, Burger & Lobster migrated across the pond and offers exactly what its name suggests: delicious, juicy burgers and some truly tasty lobster dishes… amongst other things. 

Plenty to do at Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is a vibrant 9.75-acre public space that sits at the heart of New York City's historic Greenwich Village. With so many wonderful things to do around Washington Square Park, it’s easy to get lost in possibility!

For example, people-watching is a national pastime in New York City, and Washington Square Park offers a front-row seat to some fantastic reality. Chess enthusiasts battle it out on oversized boards, street performers entertain the crowds, and local dogs socialise in the designated dog run, providing plenty of things to smile about. 

What’s more, the park itself boasts a rich history, in its early days as a potter's field and then transitioned into a gathering spot for artistic and social movements. Additionally, the Washington Square Arch, a grand triumphal arch modelled after Parisian architecture, is a popular landmark and meeting place within the park, providing a serene location to enjoy some rest bite from the city’s electric energy. 

Where is Washington Square Park?

Washington Square Park isn't just any park but one of New York’s beating hearts. Nestled in the vibrant Greenwich Village neighbourhood and located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway, Washington Square Park places you right in the thick of the action. Stroll through the park's manicured lawns and under the shade of mature trees, and you'll be just steps away from some of New York City’s most popular destinations:
New York University: NYU's main campus borders the park's northern edge, making it a popular hangout spot for students and a hub of youthful energy and excitement. 
Greenwich Village Shopping: The charming streets surrounding the park are lined with unique boutiques, independent bookstores, and trendy shops, perfect for indulging in some retail therapy.
The Whitney Museum of American Art: Immerse yourself in some spectacular American art at this renowned museum, located just a block east of the park.

But the fun doesn't stop there, the list of things to do near Washington Square Park also encompasses delicious places to eat. Start your day with a refreshing stroll through Washington Square Park, soaking up the atmosphere and people-watching. Then, after enjoying the park's charm, head to Burger & Lobster Bryant Park for a mouthwatering (and well-earned lunch). Alternatively, use the infamous park as a meeting spot and head over to Burger & Lobster for some delicious cocktails with friends! 

The best place to eat near Washington Square Park

After a delightful stroll through the vibrant pathways of Washington Square Park, what could be better than indulging in something delicious? Just a short walk away, you’ll find surf and turf paradise, Burger & Lobster. 

The Burger & Lobster menu is full of variety with something to please everyone. Kick off your meal with delicious Crab Bites: a delightful combination of lobster, crab, and shrimp encased in crispy panko breadcrumbs and served with a zesty chive aioli. Alternatively, keep it classic with the Original Burger, featuring a perfectly cooked Nebraskan beef patty layered with all the trimmings for an indulgent lunch or deliciously beefy dinner. For a touch of spice, the Chicken Burger boasts crispy chicken thighs drizzled with chipotle mayo and complemented by cool avocado slices and served with crispy fries. If you’d prefer the other half of Burger & Lobster’s tasty namesake, the Classic Whole Lobster allows you to enjoy a whole steamed or grilled lobster, served with crispy fries, a refreshing salad, and your choice of clarified butter or a decadent lemon and garlic butter sauce. This one is a must for lobster lovers. Then for those who prefer the luxury of a tasty lobster roll, the Classic Lobster Roll delivers succulent chilled lobster meat tossed in a light lemon mayo and nestled in a toasted brioche bun. Another classic on the menu, and for good reason. 

If you’re feeling extra ravenous, Burger & Lobster offers the option to indulge in massive lobsters, ranging from 2 lbs to a shareable market price option, should you be coming with all your buddies (or an insane appetite). 

Then for drinks, you’ll find an equally diverse drinks menu with plenty of delicious house beers, served ice cold and super refreshing. Enjoy a tasty Blue Moon, a refreshing Brooklyn IPA, or even a sturdy pint of Guinness, all served on draft. As for bottled choices, choose between Brooklyn Hazy IPA, Allagash White or Heineken Double Zero for a non-alcoholic option. If cocktails are more your thing, why not try something deliciously decadent like a zesty Margarita, or a refreshing and seasonal Elderflower Spritz, for a touch of luxury, try the delicious Framboise Royale, made with Champagne Brut, Chambord, and black cherry. If you’d prefer something soft, you’ll also find a great selection of soft and still drinks behind the bar, as well as some mocktails! 

Next time you’re visiting Washington Square Park, take the short walk over to Burger & Lobster and enjoy something hearty. With plenty of fantastic things to do near Washington Square Park, make sure you do one of the most tasty things and get stuck into a delicious bit of New York surf and turf. 

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