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Restaurants near Harrods London

London is well known for its iconic landmarks, fantastic shopping opportunities and a wealth of things to do in historical and gorgeous locations. This includes the iconic Harrods: the infamous department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge.

Harrods was first established as a grocery store in 1849 before expanding in the late 1800s to become a much bigger department store. People travelling from across the country and across the world all flock to Harrods to admire its grandeur, history, heritage and of course its wealth of clothing, furnishings, gifts, and more. 

Another staple of London and one of the best restaurants near Harrods serving locals and tourists delicious brunch, lunch and dinner options is Burger & Lobster. Burger & Lobster has been established for more than ten years with nine delicious restaurants dotted over London. You can hail a taxi, surf the tube or make your way by foot to one of nine locations, however for one of the best places to eat near Harrods, you can find a Burger & Lobster locally in both Mayfair and Soho. 

Plenty to do at Harrods

Harrods has been an integral element of London since its inception in 1849 by Henry Charles Harrod. What originally began as a humble grocery store soon became a shopping empire in the late 1800s, providing visitors with a host of shopping choices across a range of departments, including: fashion, jewellery, kids clothing and toys, beauty products, home & furniture, and food & wine. 

For those who love shopping and having a wander around browsing at a variety of gorgeous clothing, gifts, furnishings and more, Harrods is an inner city theme park of spending excitement. Tour through the departments making a mental wishlist or rack up a bill buying all the must haves you can find for an exciting day out in London. Afterwards, why not nip over to one of the best places to eat near Harrods, Burger & Lobster. 

Where is Harrods?

Harrods can be found on Brompton Road. You simply cannot miss Harrods, the gorgeous Edwardian-Baroque building is stunning and impressive before you even set foot inside. You can get to Harrods easily with the nearest tube to Harrods being Knightsbridge and South Kensington. 

For restaurants near Harrods there is nothing quite like Burger & Lobster. With nine locations dotted across London the nearest restaurants to Harrods are the Mayfair and Soho locations. From Harrods, you can be biting into a juicy lobster roll in under 20 minutes on the tube to both the Soho and Mayfair locations. Alternatively, if you’d prefer the walk, you can reach the Mayfair location in 25 minutes, or 40 minutes to Soho. For delicious food near Harrods, there’s nowhere quite like Burger & Lobster. 

The best place to eat near Harrods

For a delicious lunch, brunch or dinner after your eventful visit to Harrods, there’s no menu quite like Burger & Lobster. An array of tasty drinks from the fully stocked bar will accompany your meal, including a huge selection of house beers and ciders such as Red Claw and Bear Island Pale Ale. For those who fancy a cocktail or two, our menu is filled with fun, fruity numbers, as well as tantalising classics. The Burger & Lobster signature cocktails include refreshing and delicious Pistol Punch, Framboise Royal, Mojito, and the Burger & Lobster twist on the classic - Lobster Martini. 

Aside from cocktails, you can have your choice of a range of spirits and of course a selection of softs and stills. Not drinking but still want something fancy? The Burger & Lobster mocktails are just as exciting, why not try the Mock Mojito, Tropic Thunder or Berry Cooler. 

Once you’ve got something to sip on, you’ll want to turn your attention to the food menu. Start with something delectable like freshly shucked oysters paired with a complementing vinaigrette. Or perhaps jump straight in with the Grilled Prawns, the famous Lobster Croquettes, or perfectly Crispy Calamari. Once you’ve got a taste for the menu, plunge deeper through your journey of land and sea for some delightful big plates including the iconic classics that make up the Burger & Lobster namesake: the Lobster Roll, Classic Whole Lobster and the Classic Burger. Other menu favourites include an array of burgers such as the Beast Burger with Nebraskan beef and lobster meat, the plant based Katsu Burger, and the Venison Burger. Delicious fresh Lobster Pasta, a classic Lobster Thermidor Salad, or better yet, have a bit of everything with the Burger & Lobster Combos. 

Places to eat near Harrods don’t get much better than this, with lots of choice, a host of drinks, cocktails and spirits, and just a short walk from Harrods. 


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