The best hotels near Bank Station

Burger & Lobster Bread Street restaurant interior

The Bank Station area of London stands within close proximity to many of London’s iconic landmarks, such as the Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral.

As well as incredible landmarks, there are plenty of great places to stay with an abundance of hotels near Bank Station. Be it boutique hotels, grand hotels, historic hotels, or modern, avant-garde hotels with bold colours and striking gardens. Wherever you lay your head, you’re going to want to find somewhere wonderful to eat too - and there are more than enough options for places to eat. The iconic Burger & Lobster being one of them. 

Below, we’re going to cover some of the best hotels near Bank Station in London, so you have somewhere incredible to stay when visiting the famous city. As well as close proximity to some delicious dining.

The best places to stay near Bank Station

Apex, City of London Hotel

The Apex City of London Hotel stands as a luxurious urban retreat within London. Its strategic location makes it a perfect choice for both business and leisure travellers seeking the convenience and style offered at Apex.

The hotel itself and the interiors boast modern sophistication, the hotel offers a range of amenities that ensure a memorable stay. Enjoy some truly exquisite dining at the on-site restaurant or perhaps unwind at the chic bar, or rejuvenate in the on-site fitness centre. What’s more, the hotel has some truly elegant rooms and suites, remarkable service, and close proximity to iconic landmarks like the Tower of London and the River Thames, which make the Apex City of London Hotel a great place to stay when visiting London. 

Average one night price - £250 - £300

The Ned Hotel

The Ned Hotel offers visitors a captivating blend of heritage and contemporary design, capturing the essence of London's eclectic energy. The Ned markets itself with a charming nod to 1920s glamour, which can be seen throughout the grand, historic building. 

The Ned beckons travellers with its unique charm and the hotel's allure lies not only in its luxurious accommodations but also in its array of amenities catering to various preferences. From the array of remarkable restaurants serving up global cuisines, to its rooftop pool and spa, the Ned Hotel ensures a holistic and indulgent stay within the centre of London.

From cosy rooms to spacious suites, spa facilities and incredible restaurants, The Ned has everything imaginable to make your stay a true marvel. 

Average one night price - £450 

Hyatt Regency, London Blackfriars

The Hyatt Regency London is one of London’s refined havens of sophistication. Its distinguished reputation draws in travellers for several reasons. Namely, its prime location and elegant accommodations being at the forefront. 

Within the hotel, you’ll spot a seamless blend of modern luxury and classic British charm. The hotel's amenities cater to every need, from the various exquisite dining options to the rejuvenating spa and fitness facilities, you’ll have a well-catered stay at the Hyatt Regency. With its close proximity to iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the West End, the Hyatt Regency offers an easy gateway to London's cultural treasures too. 

Average one night price - £370

The Fielding Hotel

The Fielding Hotel is a hotel in London that exudes history and charm. Named after the 18th century writer, Henry Fielding, this hotel is one of Covent Garden’s most spectacular boutique hotels and one of the most delightful hotels near Bank Station. 

Boasting a prime location, guests of The Fielding are treated to easy access to Covent Garden's vibrant theatres, shops, and various dining scenes. The hotel's cosy accommodations and personalised service create a homely ambiance, making it a perfect choice for those valuing a quiet retreat amidst while still firmly in the city. 

While not as lavish as larger hotels, The Fielding's unique character and warmer atmosphere, establish it as a hidden gem for travellers looking to enjoy the historic charm of London's theatre district.

Average one night price - £175 - £200

The Tower Hotel

The Tower Hotel commands attention. Not only with its name but also with its striking presence along the River Thames, right next to the Tower of London. The Tower Hotel offers unparalleled views of iconic landmarks such as the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, as well as quick transport there if you fancy hitting up London’s most gruesome landmark. 

Moreover, this hotel’s strategic location is a magnet for travellers who are enticed by the convenience of exploring London's attractions. Within the hotel, you’ll find contemporary and stylish accommodations, complemented by a range of amenities including exquisite dining options, a fitness centre, free Wi-Fi and helpful staff that are waiting to help around the clock. The Tower Hotel is a great place for young travellers and couples looking for a stylish and modern stay in London with a reasonable price point. 

Average one night price - £215

Hotel Nhow

Hotel nhow offers an avant-garde experience in the heart of the city. As a unique and art-inspired destination, it appeals to travellers with a lust for cutting-edge design and modern innovation. The hotel's bold and eclectic aesthetics extend from its lobby to its rooms, providing a journey into contemporary art and culture - making it a truly unique hotel in London. 

Hotel nhow is known for vibrant social spaces and non-conforming colour pops. Within the hotel, you’ll also find an abundance of amenities, including a trendy bar and restaurant, 24-hour gym and a myriad of helpful staff. 

Hotel nhow serves as a hub for those seeking to connect with like-minded individuals. Its location in a cultural and creative hub ensures easy access to galleries, music venues, and fashion districts, with a unique focus on individuality and a desire to challenge conventions. 

Average one night price - £200 - £215

The Culpeper

The Culpeper is another of London’s charming and distinctive boutique hotels. This hotel especially embraces a fusion of history and modernity and sits proudly in the heart of London's East End. The Culpeper is renowned for its incredible inviting atmosphere and sensational views. The hotel's character is deeply rooted in its historic pub heritage, and still today, guests can savour delectable farm-to-table cuisine and handcrafted cocktails at the hotel’s restaurants, which are a main pull for guests considering their hotel options. 

The rooftop garden is another standout feature of The Culpeper. Adorned with vibrant greenery and skyline views, you can enjoy cocktails and a full menu of seasonal delicacies here. Beyond its accommodations, The Culpeper's commitment to sustainability and connection to its surroundings resonate with eco-conscious and culturally curious travellers, providing a fantastic location with incredible views and a delightful experience.

Average one night price - £175


Hazlitt’s is another of London’s unique hotels and perhaps one of the most quirky hotels near Bank Station, or in London at all! Hazlitt's is a literary-inspired gem nestled in the heart of London's historic district. A luxurious boutique hotel with a profound connection to literature and culture, and renowned as ‘one of London’s best kept secrets’. 

The hotel has a variety of exquisite rooms, each named after a famous literary figure. Inside, you’ll find grand, four-poster beds, luxurious furniture and decor of a bygone era with plenty of period features. The hotel's library lounge and charming courtyard provide spaces for relaxation and contemplation, and the library in particular is a wonderful place to visit, whether you are a reader or not.

Average one night price - £ 280

Mercure London Hyde Park Hotel 

The Mercure London is located near the iconic Hyde Park. This hotel offers a modern and comfortable retreat in the heart of the city, while also providing easy access to London's attractions and various business hubs. The hotel's contemporary design and well-appointed rooms provide a cosy and functional space for guests to unwind after a day of exploration or work. The rooms are also comfortably furnished and stylishly designed for a perfectly relaxed stay within London.  

The hotel has a choice of dining options close by, as well as a stylish bar which adds to the convenience of Mercure. With its proximity to Hyde Park's tranquillity and easy access to the many cultural sites, the Mercure London Hyde Park Hotel serves as a convenient and comfortable base for travellers seeking a balance between urban exploration, city life and relaxation. 

Average one night price - £180

Food is sorted

Wherever you find yourself in London, fantastic food is just moments away. Especially if you’re considering the iconic Burger and Lobster. 

Burger and Lobster have nine locations dotted across London, so whether it is Big Ben or the Tower of London you’re visiting, you’re never too far away from that Lobstar Martini and famous Lobster Roll. Whether you’re craving brunch, lunch or dinner, you’re going to be met with your new favourite dish and a sumptuous cocktail to match when visiting Burger and Lobster. 

If you’ve never been before, the Burger & Lobster menu is more than just simple burgers and lobster. As well as incredible Prime beef burgers, chicken burgers and surf and turf classics, the Burger and Lobster menus include succulent Lobster Pasta, an incredibly cheesy Mac and Cheese and Lobster mac and cheese, and the iconic Lobster Roll. 

 With plenty of sides to add to your main, you’re going to be full to the brim and thankful for the many hotels near Bank Station. 

If you’re in London for a special occasion, you’ll want something to toast to. Luckily, the Burger and Lobster drinks menu is just as impressive as the food. With lots of seasonal cocktails, house special creations and an abundance of wine, spirits and beers, you’ll be toasting the night away.

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