Types Of Shellfish Explained

Shellfish has been enjoyed for centuries all over the world. From simple cooking methods such as steaming, to decadent poached lobsters, and of course, the iconic Lobster Roll.. everywhere you go you’ll see shellfish types across a menu. 

At Burger & Lobster, shellfish is half of the namesake, and something taken very seriously. Whether it’s the humble Lobster Roll, a gigantic Whole Lobster to share, or the sumptuous Seafood Platter, every element is lovingly taken care of to ensure the different types of shellfish all shine with flavour. 

What is shellfish?

Shellfish is a broad term that encompasses a variety of marine creatures that have a shell or hard outer covering. Different types of shellfish can be found in both freshwater and saltwater environments, and they are an integral part of the culinary world (and the Burger & Lobster menu). 

Shellfish can be divided into two main categories: crustaceans and molluscs.
Crustaceans include well-known delicacies such as lobsters, crabs, and prawns and are categorised by a jointed exoskeleton and multiple pairs of legs. Crustaceans are often prized for their tender meat and sweet flavour.

Molluscs, on the other hand, encompass a wide range of shellfish, including oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops. These creatures have a soft body protected by a hard shell. Contrastingly, they are known for their rich, briny flavours and delicate textures.

When it comes to cooking shellfish, we’d certainly know a thing or two about that. There are various methods to bring out their unique flavours. They can be grilled, steamed, boiled, or even served raw. Each shellfish has its own ideal cooking technique, and it really is all about ensuring the delicious meat shines through with the simplest accompaniments… such as a rich vinaigrette or a delightful silky lemon butter. 

Lobster on a plate with fries, salad and sauce
Sauce being poured on a lobster with asparagus
Lobster roll on a plate

Types of Shellfish

Shellfish encompass a diverse group of aquatic animals that are categorised into two main groups: crustaceans and molluscs.


Shrimp: Available in various sizes and types, such as tiger shrimp, prawns, and rock shrimp. They're popular in many cuisines worldwide.

Crab: Varieties include Dungeness crab, blue crab, king crab, snow crab, and soft-shell crab, among others. Each type varies in taste and texture.

Lobster: Includes species like Maine lobster, spiny lobster, and rock lobster. Known for their sweet and tender meat, served perfectly with some deliciously seasoned butter sauce.


Clams: Varieties include littleneck clams, Manila clams, and quahogs. They have a mild flavour and are commonly used in chowders and pasta dishes.

Oysters: Available in different types and flavours depending on their origin. They're often enjoyed raw or cooked. At Burger & Lobster, they’re served raw with plenty of delightful sauces to enhance the flavours.

Mussels: Varieties include blue mussels, Mediterranean mussels, and green-lipped mussels. They have a slightly sweet taste and are versatile in cooking.

Scallops: Commonly found as bay scallops and sea scallops, they're known for their sweet and delicate flavour.

Octopus: Though not as common as other molluscs, octopus is consumed in various cuisines and is known for its unique taste and texture.

Shellfish at Burger & Lobster

At Burger & Lobster, the menu is comprised of an abundance of exceptional lunch, brunch or dinner choices, including plenty of different types of shellfish! From the fresh, tender lobster that makes up half of the restaurant’s namesake, to delicious oysters, and a truly divine shellfish platter… you’ll never be short of delicious options. 

For the true Burger & Lobster experience, you simply have to give in to the lobster roll, a mouthwatering marvel wrapped up in a brioche bun and adorned with silky garlic butter sauce… tender, delicious and an icon of the Burger & Lobster menu. Similarly, the Whole Lobster means you have bite after bite of flavorful grilled or steamed lobster meat. Served with crisp fries and a refreshing side salad. 

The other types of shellfish on the Burger & Lobster menu include delicious Rock Oysters, served with the house accompaniments of Tabasco, fresh lemon and a shallot vinaigrette. However, if you’d prefer the whole works, the Seafood Platter serves up six rock oysters, native crab claws, pickled mussels, tiger prawns, lemon mayo, shallot vinaigrette, and with or without chilled half lobster. Perfect for sharing with a table of shellfish lovers. Additionally, if you’re out with a loved one and want to sample everything together, ask the wait staff about the Sharing Lobster. Served steamed or grilled with fries, salad and a choice of sauce per person!

Of course, there’s so much more than just different types of shellfish on the menu, you’ll also find juicy burgers, a divine Lobster Tabbouleh Salad, Chicken Burgers, prime, juicy beef burgers, and an assortment of side dishes to tempt you. 

If your interest has been truly piqued and you simply must get your hands on the iconic Lobster Roll, you’ll find Burger & Lobster’s nine locations dotted across London, easily accessible and with a menu full of different types of shellfish for you to try (and love!). Pair the different shellfish types with a glass of something charming, such as a crisp sauvignon or a refreshing pinot grigio. Better still, treat yourself to some London shopping, a Lobster Roll and a signature B&L cocktail before your train! They’re fruity and smooth, with the perfect kick to round off your delicious Burger & Lobster experience.