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New Drinks Menu

Our new Winter Cocktail Menu, starring fourteen new additions and a refreshed wine offering aims to bring something a little bit different to those dark winter nights.

Sample Menu


As the nights are getting shorter and temperatures colder Burger & Lobster are on hand to stir things up and raise your Christmas spirits with our brand-new winter drinks menu!

Starring old classics and new innovations, our new winter drinks menu stands to be our most creative concoction yet. Whether your tipple of choice is long and strong, short and tart or even soft and sweet, we’ve got something to wet your whistle:

We have given our long-standing B&L signature, the Lobstar Martini, a makeover: Get ready for the Lobstar Martini 2.0 - a refined take on the contemporary classic, featuring vodka, Aperol, passion fruit, bergamot, hints of fresh apple and crowned with its very own citrus vapour-filled bubble. Not only theatrical in appearance but also show-stopping when it comes to flavour.

Hankering after something a little different? So were we when we stumble upon Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit. Described the transparent chocolate spirit, it works perfectly in out Cuban Claw; the Pina Colada reimagined as a stiff and spirited cocktail, with hints of chocolate and cherry and finished with a lick of our house-made spiced pineapple ‘paint’. A Pina Colada like none you’ve ever tasted before.

Another highlight would have to be our Maple Manhattan. A next-generation twist on the classic, using award-winning whisky, bespoke vermouth, served with a hunk of crystal-clear ice and under a cloche of oak-smoked vapour. We seem to have hit the nail on the head with this one.

There are other seasonal classics, such as our Bisque Mary - a lobster lover’s dream twist on the Bloody classic and This Season’s Spritz, which is a herbal, dry and refreshing Riesling spritz served with a hint of hazelnut for that winter kick. 

Alongside catering to all taste buds, the main difference we’ve made to our new drinks menu and carefully curated cocktail list is that both now focus more intensely on seasonality. Not only does this shift gives us greater control over the quality of our drinks but it also allows us to use more homemade ingredients and garnishes than ever before. Which I’m sure we can all agree is a straight-up plus!

We have also updated our soft cocktail offering: For those skipping on the hangovers, passing up the booze and deciding to call next on the bottles, you can’t miss our refreshing new Look Lively mocktail which heroes pomegranate and lime. Nor can you miss our Staying Evergreen - this seasons answer to a booze-free aperitif. There is also a Virgin Mary made with fresh lobster bisque, a tangy Raspberry Lemonade and a warming Bergamot Toddy. Again, all alcohol-free.

To sample our new winter drinks menu head to your nearest Burger & Lobster bar!