Best Burgers in Mayfair, London

Wandering around Mayfair in the West End, or have an upcoming trip to the capital and have burgers on the brain? 

Then you’re in for a treat! Head on over to Burger & Lobster and we guarantee it’ll be the finest burger you’ve ever had, no matter which one you go for (we can’t say that choice will be an easy one, though).

It’s what we pride ourselves in - taking the freshest quality ingredients and crafting a niche offering to ensure that what we offer is only the very best.

Our burgers feature family-farmed, prime beef fresh from Nebraska and it’s no secret that that, coupled with the glorious B&L trimmings, creates heaven between two buns.

Hands holding a burger
Beast burger on a plate with fries and salad
Burger on a plate with hand reaching for fries

Juicy Beef Burgers

It’s always a good time for burgers, isn’t it? We know that most people take selecting the best burger joint seriously, so this is no exception when searching for the best burger in Mayfair - and we have a fair few to choose from. But let’s start with the ones that always get our fans coming back for more.

The B&L Beast Burger is something else… Not only does it feature the juiciest of Nebraskan beef patties (either 5 or 8oz) but lobster too, with brie, truffle and tarragon mayo, fennel and cabbage. There’s a reason it’s called the Beast!

Heading in the opposite direction of tradition and in the mood for something adventurous? Then opt for our buttermilk-fried lobster tail. Starring a buttermilk-fried lobster tail, lettuce, lobster mayo, fresh tomato, homemade pickles, red onion and a herb ranch dressing served in a brioche bun, this burger is a force to be reckoned with.

Our Simply Vegan burger hits the spot too as it is made up of a vegan burger patty, grilled red pepper, lettuce, red onion, vegan cheese and a spiced burger sauce.

That’s not forgetting the hero of our Mayfair menu, the Original Burger - what else? A whole 8oz of prime Nebraskan beef topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and B&L’s secret burger sauce. This bad boy takes us back to our roots - and is of course served with our knockout B&L fries and salad for good measure.

Last, but certainly not least, our B&L Combo is perfect for those who just want it all. Go on, treat yourself as this dish includes a half or a whole Original Lobster as well as our Original 5oz Burger, served with a clarified butter or lemon and garlic butter and is the ultimate solution for indecisiveness.

It’s true what they say: we’ve never met a burger that we didn’t like!

Exterior of Burger & Lobster restaurant in Mayfair London

Burger Delivery

Sometimes you just want to devour your burger (and fries of course!) without being judged from the comfort of your own home. We get it, so don’t worry, we’ve got you; this calls for a Burger & Lobster delivery. At the touch of a button, we’ll bring the very best burgers to you- all you need to do is choose the one you want from Deliveroo. Leave the rest to the burger gods… that’s us, in case you were wondering.

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