Best Burger Restaurant in Soho, London

We have to admit that when it comes to the best burgers in Soho, we truly do believe that we are right up there with the finest and here’s why:

We’ve spent forever (well, over 10 years) working on just two quality ingredients, to make them the very best they can be. One half of the love story, our Nebraskan beef burgers, are simply unbeatable - and that’s down to the fact that we work with trusted family farmers to ensure that our succulent prime beef is second to none. That mouthwatering patty coupled with the freshest toppings creates an unrivalled combination.

But don’t just take our word for it; if you’re looking for the best burger joint in Soho, then head on over and we’ll be ready to welcome you with open buns!

Hands holding a beast burger
Burger on a plate with fries
Hands holding a burger

Soho Burger, So Good

When it comes to describing the variety of top quality burgers we have on our Soho menu, it all starts with our Original Burger - where else? A whole 8oz of glorious Nebraska beef with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and B&L’s secret burger sauce. All served with knockout B&L fries and salad for good measure.

Our burger options simply wouldn’t be complete without alternatives. Our Simply Vegan burger is made up of a vegan burger patty, grilled red pepper, lettuce, red onion, vegan cheese and a spiced burger sauce.

A firm favourite, the B&L Beast Burger includes not just a 5oz or 8oz Nebraskan beef patty but lobster too with brie, truffle and tarragon mayo, fennel and cabbage. We didn’t call it the Best for nothing...

For those that fancy something a little different, then how about our Buttermilk-fried lobster tail? To say it’s fit for purpose would be a giant understatement. Starring a buttermilk-fried lobster tail, lettuce, lobster mayo, fresh tomato, homemade pickles, red onion and a herb ranch dressing served in a brioche bun, this bad boy is one for the good books.

Last, but certainly not least, our B&L Combo is perfect for those of an indecisive nature, or those feeling like a little bit of everything. This dish includes a half or a whole Original Lobster as well as our Original 5oz Burger, served with a clarified butter or lemon and garlic butter.

Hungry? We thought so.

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Burger & Lobster Soho interior

A Capital Idea

Situated on 36-38 Dean Street in London, Burger & Lobster is the best burger place in Soho. With a relaxed atmosphere and an all-day dining experience, not to mention the fact that it’s located in one of London’s most renowned and riotous districts - these days a creative and cultural hub - Burger & Lobster Soho is packed with freshly-made cocktails, starters, the finest lobster, desserts to tuck into and only the very best burgers.

Whether it’s the busy streets and buzzy atmosphere drawing you in, you’re visiting the Notre Dame de France landmark, shopping for books in Foyles or strolling through Soho Square, Burger & Lobster Soho is so close to a myriad of incredible things to see and do in London.

What’s more, there are a few tube stations nearby - rather handy depending on whereabouts you are - Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus are both a seven-minute stroll to Dean Street; Tottenham Court Road is a 12-minute walk away, and Oxford Circus reachable in 11 minutes on foot.

Deliveroo Burger and lobster burger with fries


Sometimes you’re home in your pjs or soaking up the sunshine in your back garden and simply don’t feel like venturing out. We understand completely - and totally have your back as we can deliver the best burgers to you at just a click of a button. Available online via Deliveroo, the best burgers can be on your doorstep in no time at all!

Or are you on the move but fancy a burger bite? It’s as simple as switching your Deliveroo settings to takeaway and then we’ll have your burger ready to collect from our Soho restaurant. Although, with choices like ours from beef and lobster combined in a burger, a veggie option to boot and even buttermilk fried lobster tail between a brioche bun, we know the bit that takes the longest is choosing which burger to order.

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