Lobster Restaurant
in Canary Wharf

Lobster Rolls - check, Whole Lobsters - check and even burgers with chunks of the finest lobster meat… check, check, and check! 

Wild-caught and fresh from the Atlantic, there’s simply no better place to experience what some refer to as the finer things in life, than at Burger & Lobster.

At Burger & Lobster the secret is in the name - our ultimate goal is making sure that only the very best ingredients reach your table, whether that’s in our restaurants (we can’t wait to see you there!) or your own kitchen (we’ll bring the lobster to you). There are nine Burger & Lobster joints in London, each with their own unique charm, but for now let’s focus on West India Quay- so if you’re around Docklands thinking about the shellier half of our pride and joy, then here’s why you should head on over!

Lobster being cooked on a grill
Lobster on a plate with sauce and a cocktail
Lobster in a bowl

Lobster in Canary Wharf

The mighty lobster. Read on for a glimpse into our healthy obsession and we guarantee we won’t be able to keep you away.

If you truly are a die-hard lover of lobster, then you’ll want to start with our Lobster Croquette with grana padano cheese and a herb dip. That was pretty easy, eh? Now this is where it gets tricky. Well, some might say exciting. Choose from either our whole lobster, served either steamed or grilled, whichever way you like it, and comes with fries, a salad and a sauce of your choice - or one of our signature lobster rolls, jam-packed with chilled lobster meat.

Now we know we said ‘if you’re a die-hard lobster fan’ but the truth is no experience with us would ever be complete without you trying the other half of our love story. So consider a combo and get the very best of both worlds as we have options that feature either a half or whole lobster or a lobster roll alongside a juice Nebraska beef burger and all the side trimmings.

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Interior of Burger & Lobster West India Quay restaurant in Canary Wharf London


Our West India Quay restaurant is a real gem, located in one of the most scenic spots in London. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor feasting, West India Quay boasts gorgeous views - oh, and in case you haven’t quite got the gist yet - the best nosh and quaff in Canary Wharf.

Outside of business, there is plenty to see and do in Canary Wharf, and we’ve got you covered for lunch in between everything else. Take in the Museum of London Docklands, the Canary Wharf Ice Rink and, of course, the Billingsgate markets. Be sure to leave time to gaze up at One Canada Square. No matter where you are on the docklands, West India Quay station is a handy two-minute walk to Burger & Lobster, and if you’re a little further afield there’s also the route from Canary Wharf Station.

Sauce being poured on a lobster

Lobster on Wheels or For Collection

Is there anything better than getting home after a long day at work or from touristing around London? Yes, yes there is. It’s getting in after a long day knowing that a lobster delivery is en route to you. Or, if you’re feeling sassy and impatient, then stop by and pick it up on your way home instead (we can’t promise the aroma might not tempt you to tuck in before journey’s end, though!)

Burger & Lobster on wheels or for collection is available in Canary Wharf via Deliveroo, so simply switch your settings to either collection or delivery, swing by or hang five from home and then enjoy a lobster feast fit for a king and queen!

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