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In partnership with Goodman, Beast and Zelman Meats, we have launched Prime Feast - a premium meat box that allows you to recreate the Burger and Lobster experience in your very own kitchen.

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Getting the best from two ingredients. BURGERS, LOBSTERS AND LOBSTER ROLLS…IT’S PRETTY SIMPLE EY?

We work tirelessly with the families that catch our lobsters and farm our cattle to make sure we get the best quality and cared for ingredients. We couple that with our guys and gals in the restaurant and the result is the greatest burgers and lobsters in town.

Working with the best quality ingredients means that each restaurant offers something slightly different, so pick where you want to eat below and get the menu

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It is with great honour we announce the arrival of the Lobster Royal: Our new burger stars fresh lobster cooked in a crisp buttermilk coating and then smothered in a mouth-water

Lobster Royale Burger