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Getting the best from two ingredients. BURGERS, LOBSTERS AND LOBSTER ROLLS…IT’S PRETTY SIMPLE EY?

We work tirelessly with the families that catch our lobsters and farm our cattle to make sure we get the best quality and cared for ingredients. We couple that with our guys and gals in the restaurant and the result is the greatest burgers and lobsters in town.

Working with the best quality ingredients means that each restaurant offers something slightly different so find a restaurant to see our full menus.

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The Original Burger

Original Burger

10oz prime cut, aged beef burger with lettuce, tomato, house made pickles, onions and Burger & Lobster’s secret burger sauce.

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Reb Lobster


Wild, live Atlantic lobster in a variety of sizes cooked fresh either steamed or grilled, served with a clarified or lemon and garlic butter. Claw blimey!

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Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

Chilled lobster meat dressed a light Japanese mayo, served in a warm, toasted brioche bun.

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