Taste of Burger & Lobster

Tuck into our original trio for throwback prices. Enjoy our Original Lobster for $30, Lobster Roll for $25 and Original Burger for $20 for a limited time only at Flatiron, all week long.

The offer will end on 29th October 2023.

The original trio. Throwback prices

Here at Burger & Lobster, the 'good old days' are often spoken about, and whilst going back to the past should be mostly avoided, we're bringing something back that we couldn't resist.

Available at Burger & Lobster Flatiron only for a limited time, you can get your claws on our most-loved dishes, the best bits, the classics, the OGs, for prices that you could only get back when B&L opened. Introducing, the Taste of B&L. All week long, you can enjoy our trio of original dishes: the Original Lobster Roll, Original Burger and Original Whole Lobster for a very tasty price.

Original Lobster Roll | 25 
Lobster dressed in Japanese mayo and lemon. Served in our signature toasted brioche roll with fries or salad. 

Original Whole Lobster | 30 
1.25lb whole lobster, grilled or steamed and served alongside clarified or lemon garlic butter sauce with fries or salad. 

Original Burger | 20 
Original Nebraskan beef patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and B&L’s burger sauce with fries or salad. 

This menu is available Monday - Sunday, all week at Burger & Lobster's Flatiron restaurant.