Whole lobster

How To Eat A Lobster

Even we'll admit getting into a lobster is tricky business...

After spending countless hours preparing wild live Atlantic lobster, we've definitely perfected the art of eating lobster.

Wondering how to enjoy your lavish lobster meal and get the most out of it - without too much mess or mishap? 

Well, we’ve got the down low on how to eat lobster and are about to share our top tips with you, so that next time you join us for the finest live-caught wild lobster in town you’re fully prepped and ready to take on the challenge and get as much as you can out of the experience. 

Whether you extract all your meat and then enjoy, or eat whilst you work your way through (we prefer the latter as we simply can’t wait and cracking the lobster is part of the experience!), you’ll need some tools of the trade.

These include seafood pliers with crackers; seafood forks (for getting to the hard-to-reach spots); a bowl for your empty shells; and most importantly, napkins to clean up the juices. You’ll be pleased to know we have all of those items ready and waiting for you.

How To Eat A Lobster Claw

First things first; make sure you have a reservation at one of our Burger & Lobster restaurants, choose wisely from the menu. You’ll need to decide between grilled or steamed options depending on how you like your lobster and, of course, select from a variety of tasty sides and sauces. Next, try to be patient as we bring the goods to you but we promise it’ll be soon!

Lobster is best eaten and easier to remove the meat when it’s warm - with lemon juice and of course our signature lemon and garlic butter sauce, so tuck right in when it’s on your plate.

Now, twist off each claw at the front knuckles which are the two small jointed sections attached to the claws, and pull apart - save those knuckles as there’s precious meat to be enjoyed in there too. Use your cracker on the widest sides of the lobster claw, crunch down and then, using a fork or picker, remove the large chunk of lobster meat in one swift movement. Be sure to wiggle the smaller part of each claw too and gently pull out any smaller bits of lobster meat.

How To Eat a Lobster Tail

When it comes to how to eat lobster tail, hold on to the lobster tail in one hand and the body in your other hand and gently twist the two sections apart and remove. Be sure to bend the tail fins from the tailpiece and use your picker to remove and enjoy smaller pieces of lobster meat.

Place the whole tail you’ve just removed down on a flat surface and press down until you’ve cracked the shell of the tail - you’ll hear a distinct cracking sound. Now use your fork or fingers as though you’re prying something open and push the tail meat of its shell.

How To Eat a Lobster Knuckle

Remember during the initial steps we advised saving the knuckles of the lobster claw you pulled a part? Good thing you did, as it’s time to use your seafood lobster fork and push the meat out and enjoy!

How To Eat Lobster Legs

Inside the smaller claws known as the lobster legs there’s also some succulent lobster meat that you don’t want to miss out on. Twist and pull these legs from the body of the lobster, smack your lips and suck out this meat.

Trust us when we say the technique takes practice, so be sure to come back and try again. But hey, if this fails one of our helpful members of the team will come on over and give you a claw.

Lobster being cooked on a grill
Lobsters on ice with lemons
Sauce being poured on a lobster