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The History Of Burgers

The first half of our love story. Naturally, we like to know all there is about burgers.

What are they (obvious to some but we’re all for converting burger lovers), where they originated from, who came up with the marvellous idea (serious props to them as we couldn’t live without burgers) and the history of burgers in the UK. Surely it’s not just us that loves a brilliant burger fact? Barmy for burgers - keep reading and by the end you’ll be burger buff! 

Who invented the burger?

There are many different theories when it comes to who invented the first burger. For one, we’d like to claim that title which of course we can’t but what we can say is that we’ve learnt from the best and over time developed our nano product offering ensuring that we perfect our offering of which half is a journey over land to craft the ultimate juicy original beef burger.

Back to the genius that started it all… Exactly who started the craze is still widely up for debate. Some say Jeff Lassen, the great-grandson of Louis Lassen, swears the invention of the hamburger is part of his family heritage in the 1900s but others point to Fletcher Davis, in Texas in the 1880s who brought his invention to the World's Fair in St. Louis in 1904, where it massively took off and became an American icon. Another theory and possible inventor is Charlie Nagreen from Wisconsin, who at 15 was selling Hamburg steaks from a stall at an annual fair. While the father of the first burger is still up for debate, we’d like to say a massive thank you to whoever invented our reason for existence.

Where do hamburgers originate from?

From Texas to Connecticut it seems that the US have called dibs on this title followed closely by Hamburg in Germany who claim they're home to the first burger (as their name subtly suggests). Historians believe that actually burgers first came about in ancient Rome when street food was hugely popular. 

Wherever they came from this succulent beef sandwiched between two soft buns is a concept known and loved globally.

When was the burger invented?

Although our findings point to the 1900s as a starting point, research suggests that the hamburger actually dates back to the 12th century when Mongol horsemen first ate steak tartare. It’s said that this idea made its way through Russia before landing in Germany and then the world beyond.

Burgers in the UK

A staple part of British cuisine, we can thank Wimpy and the golden arches for bringing the concept to us in the UK first and allowing us all to go out and ‘grab a burger’. Wimpy bars introduced the hamburger here in the 1950s and the first McDonald’s opened here in 1974 in south-east London. Since then burger joints have become massively popular and are dotted all over the country with several competing to be the best burger on the block. This is the part where we say that ours no doubt are a force to be reckoned with and although we’re a little biased of course we truly stand by this given the history and mantra of Burger & Lobster has been dedicated to perfecting the art of two main ingredients - the first being prime beef burgers. 

Today, there’s a whole barmy army of burger fans in the UK with a National Burger Day, burger eat off competitions and hugely popular street food festivals which are home to a number of burger pop up stalls. Our own empire which started in 2011 has grown to include 9 restaurants in London alone and a whale host in incredible destinations globally too.   

Now that’s left us craving a burger…but not just any burger, one of our day-oners featuring at least an 80z beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, red onions and B&L’s famous burger sauce. 

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