Best Burger Drink Pairings

Burgers truly are one of the ultimate comfort foods. The perfect blend of bread, meat, cheese and plenty of toppings, all wrapped up in a handheld parcel. At Burger and Lobster, burgers make up half of our namesake and an entire portion of our delicious menu

Much like steak pairings, burger pairings are just as important and to help you make educated choices, we have come up with the perfect pairing for each of our delicious burgers. From classic red wines and crisp beers to creative cocktails and bubbly champagnes, we have the perfect accompaniment to make your burger experience even more blissful.

Understanding Burger and Drinks Pairings

Pairing the right drink with your burger can elevate your entire eating experience to a whole new level. While some people might consider burgers as casual and easy to pair with any drink, taking the time to understand the importance of a drink pairing can enhance the flavours of both the burger and the accompanying beverage of choice. 

The right drink can truly complement the flavours of the burger, enhancing the taste of the ingredients. It can bring out the richness of the beef, balance the tanginess of the sauce, or add a refreshing contrast to the cheese.

By exploring the world of drink pairings, you open yourself up to a whole new realm of flavour combinations and perhaps find your new favourite drink of choice in the process. Behold: the world of burger pairings.

Hands holding a burger
Burger and lobster cocktails
Beast burger on a plate with fries and salad

Beer and wine pairings

When it comes to burger pairings, beer and wine are two classic choices for almost any meal. 

For those who prefer a refreshing and crisp beverage to accompany their burger, a light lager or pale ale is an excellent choice. The subtle bitterness of the hops and the carbonation help cut through the richness of the burger while enhancing the flavours of the toppings and sauces. For this pairing, we recommend the India Pale Ale Shepherd Neame. Of course, beer is already a great burger pairing on its own, and our menu includes some other fantastic choices. Such as the 1936 Lager, Whitstable Bay Pale Ale and Singha Lager. 

If you're more of a wine connoisseur, a medium-bodied red wine, such as a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, can bring out the savoury notes of the burger and pair beautifully with the charred flavours of the meat. For another burger and wine pairing, a great white wine option is a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc provides a bright acidity which can offer a refreshing contrast to the richness of the burger. For this, we recommend from our menu our juicy Merlot Longue Roche and the Chardonnay Planeta. 

Whether you're a beer enthusiast or a wine lover, our curated beer and wine menus will ensure every bite at Burger & Lobster is perfectly calibrated.

Spirits and sliders

When it comes to pairing spirits burgers, you have plenty of choices. For example, if you prefer the smoothness of a whiskey, the herbal complexity of a gin, or the sweetness of a rum, there is always a spirit pairing that will perfectly complement the flavours of your burger.

For those who enjoy the richness of a traditional whiskey, try pairing our burger with a peaty Scotch or perhaps a smooth bourbon. The smokiness of the whiskey enhances the savoury flavours of the burger and gives the juicy beef a platform to really thrive. Makers Mark and Lot 40 Rye are the ideal choices here, however, we also have plenty of other Whiskey choices and Single Malt Scotch. 

If gin is more your style, opt for a classic London dry gin with botanical undertones. The herbal notes of the gin will pair wonderfully with the fresh ingredients and zesty sauces in our burgers, particularly our Chicken Burger, adding a layer of complexity to each bite. And if you have a slightly sweeter palette, pair it with a fruity or zesty tonic. 

For those who have an even sweeter tooth, consider pairing our burgers with a spiced rum. The warm and sweet flavours of the rum will complement the richness of the beef and add a delightful sweetness to the overall burger, allowing the rich, smoky beef and refreshing toppings a chance to shine. Our menu has plenty of choices, including Kraken Black Spiced, Havana Club and El Dorado 12 Year. 

On the Burger & Lobster menu, we have plenty of other drink choices too, including Tequila, Brandy, Vermouth and Vodka. Ask your server for more information or take the plunge and order your usual.

Mixing it up

If you're in the mood for something a little more adventurous to accompany your burger, then our cocktail pairings are certain to please. We've crafted a selection of delicious cocktails that perfectly complement the flavours of our delicious burgers. From the sweet, tangy and refreshing, to the smoky, dry and rich, our cocktail menu is a winner. 

Our B&L signature cocktails include the fruity, delicious Pistol Punch, a zesty punch for any of the burgers on our menu, but especially the Beast Burger filled with tender lobster and delicious prime beef. The Lobstar Martini is another fan favourite of the Burger & Lobster menu, a twist on the classic pornstar martini. For something with a little more depth to really contrast against the richness of a burger, our Negroni With A Twist is a decadent choice and the Black Bison is another fantastic, rich cocktail with vodka and a refreshing zest of lime. 

Burgers and champagne

And what better way to enjoy a delicious burger than with the pinnacle of luxury: a glass of Champagne. The effervescence of champagne fantastically complements the rich flavours of our burgers, while adding a touch of elegance to your meal. From crisp and dry Blanc de Blancs to fruity and aromatic Rosé, our champagne pairings will certainly become a new favourite burger partner.

Burgers at Burger & Lobster

If you’ve already discovered your new favourite burger pairing but would like a little more information on the best burger to pair your drink with, our menu is full of fantastic choices. Our Beast Burger is a blend of surf and turf, with beef, lobster meat and a refreshing fennel and truffle tarragon mayo. If you prefer the classics, then our actual Classic, an 8 oz beef burger with pickles, red onion and fries is a fantastic choice. 

The Wagyu Burger is another decadent burger on the menu, made with tender Wagyu, raclette cheese and a horseradish salad for a punchy and flavourful combination. If you prefer the plant-based side of things, our Plant Burger is simply divine, made with a plant-based patty and all the salad toppings. And of course, our new addition, Chicken Burger. Not at all like regular chicken burgers, ours is just a cut above. Crushed avocado, red onion, crunchy fries and a perfect burger pairing to accompany it. Pure Burger & Lobster bliss.  

For the perfect burger and the most exquisite pairings, head to Burger & Lobster. There are nine locations across London, so whatever time of day, and whatever your plans, you can always sneak in a trip to taste the best burgers in London.