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At West India Quay

Every Thursday throughout June and July, our pals at Wild Beer, Freedom Brewery, Kicking Horse and Siren Craft Brewery are hosting The Tap Tasting Series which includes an evening of free beer at our West India Quay Tap Terrace. We’re proud that we have the best craft beer offering in all of Canary Wharf and feel it’s only fair you get to try these for free.

Learn from the experts at each of the breweries about how the beer is made, tasting notes and what makes each different beer so special. You’ll be an expert by the end of the evening.

There is no charge for the tastings which start at 6pm and you can just rock up. If you’re planning on bringing a big group of you, it’s probably better to let us know in advance so we can order some more beer in!

Here’s the list of dates:

14th June: Siren Craft Brewery
21st June: Wild Beer
28th June: Kicking Horse

5th July: Kicking Horse
12th July: Freedom Brewery
19th July: Wild Beer
26th July: Siren Craft Brewery

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