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Lobster Masterclass

Learn how to crack, pick and claw your way into Lobster at our Lobster Masterclass taught from expert Chef Danny Lee at Burger & Lobster. You'll even learn how to make a clawsome lobster roll too.    

Become a master of the kitchen and hear cries of 'what the shell' at your new lobster cracking skills at our just-launched Lobster Breakdown Masterclass.

Expert chef Danny Lee knows a thing or two about our wild Atlantic lobsters and who better than to guide you on your path to becoming a lobster cracking expert. You'll spend the evening immersed in lobster history with an exclusive tour of the lobster tanks and facilities at Burger & Lobster, learning about our history, food provenance and meeting the team who keep the ship afloat. 

It's time to get hands on. Through the detailed class, chef Danny and the team will show you how to breakdown a whole lobster like a pro and then it's your turn. Each guest will get their own turn to put their lesson into practice with a whole lobster to breakdown.

And don't worry it's not going to waste as you'll then use your lobster to learn how to make the most clawsome Lobster Roll with tips from the team. Come on, how cool is that.

Class is then dismissed and you'll be tucking into your homemade Lobster Roll, accompanied with delicious appetizers, such as Lobster Bisque or the oh-so popular Calamari, and washed down the hand-crafted cocktails from the expert bar team. We'll even chuck in something sweet for your hard graft too.

Your new found lobster cracking skills will make you the talk of the town and the most impressive dinner date in the whole of NYC

Event Information

Date: Wednesday 15th June 2022
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Ticket price: $80 including dinner, one cocktail and a tasty goody bag 

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