Lobster Mac And Cheese

Introducing: Lobster Mac And Cheese

What could be more comforting than a bowl of gooey, piping hot, creamy mac and cheese. You’re imagining it aren’t you? The cheese pull, that first bite of cheesy goodness and the al dente pasta… 

What could be better? Try adding fresh, juicy lobster meat for a twist on an already incredible classic.

Brand new to the Burger & Lobster Spring menu, the Lobster Mac and Cheese is the perfect side this brunch, lunch or dinner time. 

Lobster Mac And Cheese

Our brand new Lobster Mac & Cheese is the ultimate London must-have. Made with traditional macaroni, a delicious lobster bechamel sauce, mozzarella, crunchy breadcrumbs and succulent lobster meat for a tasty twist on the traditional cheesy goodness. 

Our brand new Lobster Mac & Cheese is the perfect side to accompany any main when you visit us in any of our nine locations across London. Dunk your spoon (or fork) straight in and see the gooey cheese pull right before your eyes. Breadcrumbs in a mac and cheese is somewhat of a controversy, but we think it adds not only a whole new depth of flavour, but a delicious crunch and enhanced texture you simply cannot live without.

Lobster Mac And Cheese Drink Pairings

We can’t really think of a single drink that doesn’t go well with our Lobster Mac & Cheese. Our house beers are the perfect pairing with delicious cheese, and will have you thinking about us for every meal of the day. 

For a wine pairing we think a juicy red or a crisp white equally hold their weight for different reasons. Our Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile is vibrant and delicious with lots of red fruit for a deep and intense love affair with the cheesy pasta. For a slightly lighter pairing, the Chablis 1er Cru Forets has hints of lemon that pair perfectly with the fresh lobster and create a real marriage of flavours. Our New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is another great choice with a citrus twist and floral flavours that create a Spring harmony when paired with our brand new Lobster Mac & Cheese. Better yet, take things up a notch with a glass of something sparkling and dive into a divine glass of Prodolce Vino Spumante.

Lobster Mac And Cheese Is Available Now In Our London Restaurants

Our exquisite Lobster Mac & Cheese is now available across our nine locations within London. The perfect side dish to accompany your Burger & Lobster favourite and a comforting and delicious dish to dig into at any time of the day. Join us in one of our nine locations and sink into our twist on the traditional. 

Liking the look of our Lobster Mac & Cheese?