Lobster pasta

Introducing: Lobster Pasta

The Burger & Lobster Spring menu has taken the traditional Spring freshness and harnessed it to create a new menu of delicious additions to our typical Burger & Lobster bliss. Our namesakes have been elevated to create some truly spectacular Spring dishes that you’ll be sprinting to try. 

First up, the brand new Lobster Pasta. 

A succulent and tasty linguine pasta finished with a variety of fresh seafood, a bite of chilli and delicious, fresh garlic. The perfect lunch or dinner on a zesty spring day. 

Lobster Pasta

What could be more indulgent than a succulent pasta? A hearty bowl delivered to your table, steaming hot and ready to be devoured. A light and refreshing sauce glazing over the pasta, coating the seafood in a garlicky, chilli warmth. 

The perfectly cooked linguine, served in a crisp white wine sauce and finished with a pop of chilli and garlic. Sitting delightfully on top will be juicy, fresh lobster, perfectly prepared, tender and delicious. As well as a selection of other seafood delights, including clams, mussels and tasty squid, delivered fresh to us and cooked exquisitely. Filling and hearty, this seafood supper is classy and elegant: a brand new menu favourite. 

Whether you’re a spoon twirler, a fork attacker, or a sauce saver, our brand new Lobster Pasta is sure to delight. Feel the tingle of chilli hit your lips while the crisp white wine mellows and mingles with the fresh lobster. A must have for any seafood lover this Spring.

Lobster Pasta Drink Pairings

To accompany your perfect pasta, a delicate wine, champagne or spirit is almost essential. Make the most of your lunch or dinner time and choose the perfect partner to your pasta with delicious lobster

The white wine sauce will pair exceptionally with a gentle and crisp white from our menu. Our Pinot Grigio, Arca De Giovi is subtle and elegant with a delicate freshness to balance against the hint of chilli and open your palette to the depths of flavour within this Lobster Pasta. Similarly, the Riesling, Chateau Ste. Michelle is a delicious white with notes of fresh apple for a fresh and zesty kick to pair with your pasta. The Spanish Alberino is another fabulous choice, perfect by the glass or by the bottle. 

If you’re feeling something sparkling and delicious, our range of champagnes are an ideal pairing. The Taittinger Prelude Grand Crus is indulgent but not overpowering with delicate notes of peach to lift the flavours of succulent seafood in your new favourite Burger & Lobster dish. For a hint of zesty lemon tang to really heighten the flavours, our Via Vai Prossecco from Italy is exceptional and delicate. 

We also have a range of beers, spirits and cocktails to pair with your fresh Lobster Pasta for the perfect lunch or dinner this Spring.

Lobster Pasta Sides

Pasta is perfect stand alone, but even better when paired with sides. To mop up all that delicious white wine sauce, a toasted focaccia is the perfect carby partner to absorb all those flavours and add some crunch and bite to your tender pasta. 

For some greenery, pair your lobster pasta with perfectly al dente Grilled Asparagus, served still with a delicate bite and finished with sea salt for a truly remarkable duo. Better yet, add our tasty Baby Spinach to the mix, or perhaps dive into a side salad. Our Caesar Salad is fresh and crunchy with that classic nutty flavour from delicious Grana Padano cheese and crisp croutons. 

Or perhaps go rogue and reject normality, pairing your Lobster Pasta with another Burger & Lobster favourite: the B&L Fries. Go ahead, we won’t judge…

Lobster Pasta Is available now in our London restaurants

Our Spring menu is now live across all nine of our locations across London. Join us in any of our restaurants and enjoy the fresh and zesty perfection of this Lobster Pasta. Join us for a lunch or dinner time treat and enjoy everything showcased on our new Spring menu

Join us in Knightsbridge, Leicester Square, Bond Street, Bread Street, Mayfair, Oxford Circus, Soho, West India Quay and Threadneedle Street.

Liking the look of our Lobster Pasta?