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We’ve all been there… hosted a meeting where the attendees just can’t be bothered to engage or have been involved in a meeting that simply dragged on for what felt like hours.

Want to know why that is? Location, location, location, darling. It’s all about being in the right environment to get the creative juices flowing and trust us when we say being around great people, in a great city with even greater food is bound to inspire. Our restaurants across London have all the ingredients for unique meeting rooms.

Now what’s on the agenda?

Burger on a plate with hand reaching for fries
Lobster being cooked on a grill
Lobster and burger on a plate

Meeting Space in London... With a twist

Looking for a meeting room space with a unique touch? Consider one of our meeting rooms as we’ve not just one but three private conference spaces in London - SohoCanary Wharf and Threadneedle Street, each with its own features.

Soho comes out top for location due to its proximity to Leicester Square and Piccadilly CircusCanary Wharf for its charming and remarkable location inside a refurbished warehouse in the docklands and Threadneedle Street is the creme de la creme of meeting spaces suitable for large conferences given its size.

Burger and lobster on a plate with sides and cocktails

Make The Meeting Memorable With a Private Feast With Food

Is it lunch time? Keep your attendees engaged and one of the only ways to do this is by keeping their bellies full. Full of prime juicy beef or (and, don’t forget there’s a combo too!) succulent lobster. We pride ourselves in offering the best of both land and sea with a unique twist.

Burgers are always a hit and when it comes to crafting the best between buns we have beef, chicken and vegan options. If it’s lobster, then darling they won’t be disappointed as ours come steamed, grilled or in the form of our scrumptious lobster rolls and is served with delicious fries, salad and our infamous lemon and garlic butter sauce.

Whether you are trying to impress that candidate in a spectacular interview setting, getting the team together for a relaxed bonding session, needing screens and technology for a formal board meeting or hosting a large-scale conference, our private dining spaces around the city can be adapted for various meetings.

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London Locations

When it comes to a conference venue in London you simply have to be in the centre of the city surrounded by the hustle and bustle. We’ve not just one but three private conference spaces in London - SohoCanary Wharf and Threadneedle Street, each with its own perks.

Located in one of London’s most renowned and riotous districts, our Soho restaurant offers an incredible conference spot. Situated on 36-38 Dean Street in London, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus are both a seven-minute stroll; Tottenham Court Road is a 12-minute walk away, and Oxford Circus is reachable in 11 minutes on foot.

Another firm favourite for conference meeting rooms in London is our Canary Wharf restaurant that’s known for its remarkable location inside a refurbished quayside warehouse, which once held all sorts of West Indian imports, such as sugar, rum and tea. This conference venue with a difference (huge understatement there!) is located on Hertsmere Road and is only a three-minute walk from West India Quay tube station.

Finally, we’ll give you a whistle stop tour of our last conference facility in London. Our biggest and grandest option is at Burger & Lobster Threadneedle, which is in close proximity to both Liverpool Street, a 7-minute walk station and Bank station, a speedier three-minute walk. Given its size, this spot is ideal for large conference venues in London.

Now that’s food for thought.

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