Best Lobster Restaurant in Soho, London

Lobster in Soho - now that sounds like one hell of a luxurious treat, and when it comes to lobster, no one does it better than Burger & Lobster!

We’ve spent the best part of 10 years working on refining and perfecting two quality ingredients, to make them the very best they can be. One half of the love story is our wild, live Atlantic lobsters that are second to none. These bad boys are served fresh every single day from our Soho restaurant in London, whichever way you like them. So if you’re looking for lobster, then head on over for the very best in Soho and trust us, you’ll finally be able to see what all the fuss is about!

Lobster on a plate with sauce and fries
Sauce being poured on a lobster
Lobster with eggs and steak

From Whole To Rolls

From whole lobsters coming either steamed or grilled beautifully, paired with lemon and garlic butter, to huge chunks of lobster meat dripping in sauce and jam-packed in a toasted brioche bun - there’s a whole lot of lobster lovin’ going on at Burger & Lobster Soho.

But there’s more… whether you’re on a health kick and fancy the Lobster Salad starring half a steamed lobster accompanied by a whole lot of green goodness such as baby gem, avocado and chives or, if you’re one of those that just has to have the biggest and best, then do yourself a favour and ask about our Big Boy Lobster Catch!

And finally, if it was the burgers you came for but we happened to change your mind with all this lobster talk, then don’t worry - there are always the combo options to make sure you get to experience the best of both worlds!

Burger & Lobster Soho interior

Location, Location, Location

Situated on 36-38 Dean Street in London, Burger & Lobster is the best lobster joint in Soho. It’s packed with freshly-made cocktails, starters, desserts, burgers to tuck into and only the very best lobsters, caught in the depths of the Atlantic ocean by our relentlessly dedicated fisherman.

A fair few tube stations are located nearby depending on your whereabouts - Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus are both a seven-minute stroll to Dean Street; Tottenham Court Road is a 12-minute walk away, and Oxford Circus reachable in 11 minutes on foot.

So whether it’s the Notre Dame de France landmark you’re visiting, the busy streets and buzzy atmosphere of Soho Square drawing you in or you’re on a shopping spree for books in Foyles, Burger & Lobster Soho is close to a myriad of incredible things to see and do in London.

Deliveroo Burger and lobster roll combo

Delivery - Make it Snappy

Lobster on wheels - now there’s a thought! As long as it’s on its way to your doorstep, right?

Turn that dream into a reality and order your Lobster feast from Deliveroo now. With all the delectable fan favourites on the menu for delivery, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the finest lobster from home and so you will - thanks to our Lobster delivery service in Soho.

If there’s one thing that keeps us going during a busy day on the move, it’s knowing that in just a flash we can pause, order the freshest Atlantic lobster and stand by while it’s prepared by the experts. Simply switch your settings on Deliveroo to collection only and pop into Burger & Lobster Soho for your takeaway order.

Order via Deliveroo

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