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Restaurant near Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is Singapore's bustling waterfront district, situated along the iconic Singapore River.

Once a vital trading hub during the colonial era, the area showcases its heritage through the stunning conservation of its old riverside warehouses and the variety of shophouses that tell secrets into the Quay’s storied past. 

Nearby, you’ll find a selection of famous Clarke Quay restaurants, including the iconic Burger & Lobster: a haven for seafood lovers and burger enthusiasts alike.

Plenty to do near Clarke Quay

The history of Clarke Quay can be traced back to the early 19th century. It was named after Sir Andrew Clarke, a former Governor of the Straits Settlements and was originally developed as a commercial centre and bustling port along the Singapore River in the early 19th century. Warehouses, shophouses, and godowns were built to accommodate the trading activities and the Quay thrived. 

However, as Singapore's economy evolved, the importance of the Singapore River declined. By the mid-20th century, Clarke Quay fell into disuse and neglect, however, in the 1980s, the Singapore government initiated a conservation and redevelopment project to revitalise the area as a destination that showcases Singapore's rich heritage.

In terms of things to do at Clarke Quay, you can enjoy a range of delicious dining opportunities with the range of Clarke Quay restaurants nearby, including the delicious Burger & Lobster. 

The quay also comes alive at night with numerous bars, pubs, clubs and other entertainment options. For a more charming view across the quay, visitors can take a river cruise along the Singapore River. These cruises provide a scenic tour of the city, showcasing its iconic landmarks and offering historical insights.

Where is Clarke Quay?

Clarke Quay is located in the central region of Singapore, along the Singapore River planning area, near the mouth of the river where it meets Marina Bay. Its central location makes it easily accessible and a prominent landmark in Singapore's bustling cityscape. 

As for proximity to the nearby Burger & Lobster, you’ll be just a short 17 minute walk away to juicy burgers, delicious lobster, and some incredible drinks.

The best place to eat near Clarke Quay

The perfect spot for brunch, lunch or dinner is, of course, Burger & Lobster inside Raffles Hotel

Start the event with some crispy Fried Calamari, or perhaps some succulent and fresh Pan-Fried King Prawns. For something slightly different, try the tasty Lobster Rosti, a deliciously cheesy Lobster Mac & Cheese, or perhaps for a lighter bite, a balanced Lobster Salad. Once you’ve had a taste of something familiar, dive in properly with The Originals: The Mayfair, Classic Whole Lobster, and the iconic Lobster Roll all served with crispy fries and a refreshing salad. 

Other menu delights include The Combos, for when you simply can’t choose between a burger or tender lobster. If our Nebraskan beef patties are on your mind, you can tuck into one of the burgers that make up half of the Burger & Lobster menu. Try the Texan Waffle Chicken, the iconic Beast Burger, Avocado Burger, The Smoked BBQ Burger, and The Cheeseburger. Indulge every taste bud in Burger & Lobster bliss and add on some sumptuous sides such as the Salted Egg Fries, Garlic Spinach, Truffle Fries, Sauteed Mushrooms, House Salad and famous B&L Fries. 

Once you’re full, try our delicious drinks menu and sip on something sweet, such as our signature cocktails. The fruity Lychee in the City, Where’s My Culture, and tasty Garden City are menu favourites. If cocktails aren’t your thing, try our in house wine and beer selection, with fresh and flavourful reds and whites, as well as fruity rose choices. 


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