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Restaurants Near Fort Canning Park

If you’re looking for the best restaurants near Fort Canning Park Singapore, then look no further than Burger & Lobster.

Our delicious menu is crafted around two core ingredients - wild Atlantic lobsters and prime Nebraskan beef burgers. Our restaurant is perfectly placed around the corner from Fort Canning Park, so you can easily find us for a meal that you love.

Fort Canning Park is a historic landmark which has seen Singapore develop over the years and played an important role during the second World War. Now the park is full of attractions as well as being a peaceful place for people to relax and enjoy nature. With many people living, working or sightseeing in the area surrounding the park, our restaurant near Fort Canning Park provides the perfect opportunity to grab a bite to eat.

Where Is Fort Canning Park?

Fort Canning Park is situated along River Valley Road in Southern Singapore. The historic park is just a short 12 minute walk from our restaurant in Raffles Hotel. If you are travelling by car, you can reach us in under 5 minutes. This makes us perfectly located for someone looking for the best places to eat near Fort Canning Park.

What Is There To Do At Fort Canning Park?

There are plenty of things to do in Fort Canning Park Singapore. The park is home to nine historical gardens: the Pancur Larangan, Artisan’s Garden, Raffles Garden, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Armenian Street Park, Spice Garden, Jubilee Park (Phase 1), First Botanic Garden and Farquhar Garden. Alongside the gardens there are trails throughout the park so visitors can discover everything that it has to offer. As well as being home to stunning gardens and natural beauty, the park is also used as a venue. The vast lawns have hosted festivals, concerts and theatre productions. The park is also often used as a celebration venue with weddings, parties and gatherings regularly occurring in the park. Whilst touring the beautiful lawns and enjoying the greenery of the park, be sure to discover the ancient artefacts that reflect the rich heritage of the park. There really is something for everyone to enjoy at Fort Canning Park.

Delicious Food Near Fort Canning Park

Whether you fancy a juicy beef burger or a whole 1.5lb lobster - we have got you covered. Our menu is full of towering beef burgers made with beef from Nebraska, USA. If you are in a BBQ mood, our Smoked BBQ Burger is perfect for you with a BBQ glazed beef patty topped with smoked cheddar cheese, maple glazed bacon, BBQ mayo, kale tomato and balsamic onion jam. You can keep it simple with The Cheeseburger or you can be adventurous with The Beast Burger - which expertly combines land and sea on one burger. Our burger restaurant has plenty more where that came from with plenty more burgers to choose from including beef burgers, chicken burgers and a tasty vegan friendly burger!

Maybe you are in the mood for some seafood. Our menu is packed with lobster dishes for you to sink your claws into starting with 1.5lb whole lobsters, cooked grilled or steamed, alongside our clarified butter or B&L’s famous lemon and garlic butter. We have plenty more lobster dishes for you to discover from our Lobster Laksa, which is fresh lobster meat in an aromatic coconut sauce served with rice noodles, bean sprouts and tofu, to our Lobster & Quinoa Salad. We also have a selection of our famous lobster rolls available for you to enjoy - all served in our signature brioche bun.

With a huge choice of starters, main and deserts for you to enjoy, we are the best restaurant near Fort Canning Park for you to enjoy a great tasting meal - whether it be for brunch, lunch or dinner!

Cocktail Bar Near Fort Canning Park

It’s not just great tasting food that we are serving up! We have a delicious range of cocktails for you to enjoy at our bar near Fort Canning Park. Our bar is open to both diners and non-diners. Our list of cocktails includes classics such as Amaretto Sour as well as selection of signature cocktails like our B&L Sling. We have a choice of alcohol free mocktails for those who don’t fancy any alcohol. Our bar stretches further than cocktails, we

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