Restaurant near Bugis, Singapore

Restaurants near Gardens by the Bay include the delicious Burger & Lobster, located in the bustling Raffles Boulevard area, close to many popular attractions and landmarks.

Burger Lobster Raffles Arcade Interior bar

Bugis is a remarkable area of Singapore, renowned for its rich and storied history, ancient culture and plenty of exciting things to do.

Amongst the things to do, you’ll find lots of choices for Bugis restaurants, the most prominent being the iconic Burger & Lobster. Burger & Lobster champions two incredible ingredients to create a menu of show-stopping dishes. Whatever you do in Bugis, a visit to Burger & Lobster to try their succulent lobster and juicy burgers is simply a must! 

Plenty to do at Bugis

Nestled in the southwestern corner of Sulawesi, Indonesia, Bugis is a captivating area of Singapore, renowned for exciting things to do, great shopping, sightseeing, and just generally enjoying gorgeous Singapore. Whether you’re seeking cultural immersion, culinary adventures, or simply a relaxing retreat, Bugis has something to offer everyone.

Below are some great things to enjoy while visiting Bugis:

Bugis Street

Famous open-air market with stalls selling cheap clothes, shoes, accessories and food. Good for shopping and experiencing local culture.

Sultan Mosque

Beautiful golden-domed mosque built in 1824. One of the most impressive mosques in Singapore.

Malay Heritage Centre

Museum displaying artefacts and information about Singapore's Malay community and culture. Housed in a historic building.

National Library

Impressive modern library with great architecture and over 2 million books. Frequent interesting exhibitions.

Kampong Glam

Vibrant historic Malay neighbourhood with hip cafes, shops, and street art.

Singapore Art Museum

This excellent modern and contemporary art museum is located in a restored mission school. Free admission after 6pm.

Haji Lane

Narrow, colourful lane with independent boutiques, quirky shops, and lively cafes. A popular spot for youth culture.

Arab Street

Atmospheric lane known for its textile shops, Persian rugs, Middle Eastern restaurants, and colourful shisha cafes.

Where is the Bugis?

You’ll find the Bugis area of Singapore along Bugis Street surrounded by abundant shopping choices. The Bugis + shopping centre is nearby and Bugis Junction. Browse through the shops, spend, spend, spend, and then decide on something delicious to eat to tie your day together perfectly. Nearby Burger & Lobster can be found in Raffles Hotel, just a 10 minute walk away from Bugis Street, providing the perfect short walk until you’re met with delicious, edible heaven.

Restaurants near Bugis

Bugis restaurants don’t get much better than this… fresh, juicy lobster and the most flavourful burgers you’ve ever got your mouth around! An icon of London and now a Singapore staple, you’ll certainly experience the traditional Burger & Lobster bliss. 

Here you can enjoy little bites of heaven, such as Fried Calamari with a fresh lemon and jalapeño tartar sauce, a cheesy and heavenly Lobster Mac and Cheese, fresh and flavoursome Pan-Fried King Prawns, or perhaps for something lighter but still incredibly decadent, the Lobster Salad. 

If you’d prefer to sink your teeth into a burger, try the Beast Burger. Serving up the best of land and sea, this burger includes a  6oz beef patty topped with lobster meat, brie, truffle tarragon mayo, fennel and Chinese cabbage slaw. If you prefer a classic, The Cheeseburger is another tremendous menu choice. This burger contains a 6oz beef patty with lettuce,  B&L’s secret sauce and delicious aged cheddar. For something a little different but still super tasty, the Texan Waffle Chicken burger is a wonderful choice after a long day of shopping. Buttermilk fried chicken with a Texas-style BBQ sauce, onion, tomato and rocket leaves. Served in a buttery waffle ‘bun’

Moving onto the icons of the menu, The Originals have been part of the menu since day one. Classic Whole Lobster needs very little temptation. Whole lobster, grilled or steamed and served with a lemon & garlic butter sauce. Simply divine. Another classic is the buttery Lobster Roll, a staple of this Bugis restaurant and totally Instagram-worthy!

If you’re all full up and just fancy something to drink, not a problem, get a seat close to the bar and watch the cocktail magic unfold. You’ll have plenty of choices to choose from. From The B&L Sling, made with gin, orange, raspberry, pineapple, cherry, whey and grenadine (Clarified). The sweet and punchy Peach & Wasabi (gin, crème de pêche, citrus, wasabi, Aér) and the zesty Calamondin (rum, calamansi sherbet & lime juice). Of course, there’s also plenty of beers, an exclusive wine line list and plenty of alcohol-free beverages too. Head over to Burger & Lobster in Raffles Hotel for a delightful Bugis restaurant experience like no other. 

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